Arrow Season 2.5 #2 (Comics Review)

DC Comics kicked off its Arrow Season 2.5 digital-first series week before last, which bridges the gap between the second and (upcoming) third seasons of its hit television show Arrow, based on its Green Arrow comics. The first issue was an absolute kicker, combining the best of the show with some really big action scenes that normally you wouldn’t get to see on the scene. It also starred Roy Harper as Speedy, all dressed in red and all, the whole nine yards. That rocked, for me at least. The wait for the second issue has been long, but it is finally here.

This second issue carries straight on from the one before, and it sets up the character relationships in a rather big way, going forward into the show’s third season. The action is very low-key this time, since the focus is much more on the characters, and I liked that personally. Start with a bang and then give the readers substance. That’s the case here and to be honest, I don’t think it could have been better really. After the great opening with the first issue, Marc Guggenheim and Joe Bennett are back for another exciting opening here, intent on giving readers an amazing experience.

In the previous issue, we saw that Roy was on his first major mission with Oliver, following the battle with Slade’s army at the end of the second season, and we begin to get an inkling that while the character has come a long, long way since his humble beginnings in season 1, he has also grown quite a bit. Yeah, Oliver ends up saving Roy again, but I think that given the evolved nature of their relationship now, this works out much better this time. Roy is kind of one of the big punching bags of the show when it comes to getting knocked out and to later be saved by the Arrow, but hey, I really don’t mind that.

As with the first issue, Guggenheim’s script and story seem almost like the real deal since his dialogue is always on-spot and he nails the characters. We get to see young Caleb again, having now become one of Starling’s ever-present hobos. We get to touch base with Detective Lance and Laurel. And we also see the appearance of a villain who has been missing for some time. Not too much time, unfortunately, but time all the same. That cliffhanger on that last page is golden, and it has me really excited to see what direction Guggenheim’s goes with the series with its next issue.

Like I’ve said before, the big part of this series are the characters, as far as I am concerned, and Guggenheim’s ability to nail down the characters so that the story feels very “realistic” and “fitting” is something that I prize highly here. Without any of that, this comic just wouldn’t be the same, not at all. And this is where Guggenheim excels, as he should.

On the other side, what I also loved was that the interactions between the characters, especially Team Oliver, felt much more natural this time around, not that there was any significant confusion or a lack in the last issue. Most of all, Guggenheim gets the humour down right, especially Felicity’s occasional awkwardness, which I think has translated rather well to the comics format from the show itself. That’s a huge plus right there and the same can be said of both Diggle’s seriousness and his subtle well-meant criticisms of Oliver. That’s one of the big, big reasons why I love Diggle so much, and Guggenheim has done a great job here, as he did with Felicity’s great comebacks and remarks.

Joe Bennett is still the penciller with Craig Yeung replacing Jack Jadson on the inks though Jim Charalampidis is still on as the colourist and so is Deron Bennett on the letters. The characters resembled their television counterparts less than they did in the previous issue and that was slightly disappointing, but then again, we do get to see a whole lot more this time around, and it is almost glorious, in special reference to the big bad villain introduced. But all the same, the pencilwork and the inks and the colours are still perfect.

Issue #3 really can’t get here soon enough and it sucks that I have to wait an unnecessary two weeks for it. I want to read it now!

Rating: 9/10

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