Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Ep 2 (TV Show Review)

Sleepy Hollow‘s season 2 debuted last week with a solid season premiere that promised lots of different things. With Abby stuck in Purgatory, Ichabod buried alive in a coffin, Katrina in Abraham’s custody, Irving arrested and Jenny in a car crash, things looked pretty bleak, but the characters managed to bounce back handsomely enough that they are still a major threat to Moloch and his minions. Many of the plot-threads from the previous season’s finale were continued on and it ended on a great note, setting a great tone for the second season.

This week’s episode, “The Kindred“, does something that we haven’t seen on the show yet. We get some more on Benjamin Franklin this time around, and see how contingency plans to fight the Headless Horseman were being put together two hundred years back. Some of it comes to bloom in this episode in the form of the Kindred, and I think that Team Sleepy Hollow just got a huge boost in firepower, and with the increased activity from Henry, Abraham and their master Moloch, the team is going to need everything that they can get, even as they get taken out one by one, or so it seems.

One of the new things to happen in this season is that with the arrest of Frank Irving last season, Sleepy Hollow needs a Sheriff once again and in steps Leena Reyes, a Sleepy Hollow home-girl who is back to set things straight. She starts off in a very similar position to Frank Irving from last year, when he didn’t believe in any of the supernatural stuff going on and was a born cynic, only to slowly come around to what Abby and Ichabod kept telling him. And the new Sheriff gets off with a bang, dismissing Ichabod as a “history consultant” for the Sheriff’s department and also catching Jenny red-handed with a bunch of guns in the Police Archives room that the team has converted into its base to fight against Moloch and his allies.

Yeah, it is all one blow after another for the team. But then they also gain a brand-new ally in the form of the Kindred. It turns out that working with Katrina’s coven, Benjamin Franklin created a ghoulish Frankenstein-like monster who could be a match for the Headless Horseman himself. But it didn’t go all the way through because they needed an integral body component from the Horseman. And now, we know that Team Sleepy Hollow is in possession of an object that could very well work, and so the stage is set for a very action-packed final fifteen minutes of this episode. The Kindred against the Horseman of Death and the Horseman of War combined? Damn me but that’s a fight for the ages!

There’s so much to like in this episode even beyond just what we see with the Kindred. The role of the Two Witnesses of the Apocalypse is something that is fixed in scripture, but just what does it all mean? That’s what the characters tackle in this episode. We see some really wonderful argument between Abraham and Katrina on this topic and this is something that I think is going to become a major thing as the new season progresses. After all, the Bible could very well prove to be fallible, because Faith and Belief are very important in such matters and the Holy Book is based on both Faith and Belief, something that neither Abraham nor Moloch nor Henry possess.

Some of the most fun moments in this episode came in the form of Ichabod and Abby going to Sleepy Hollow’s local bank to get an item. Ichabod’s reaction to a bank salesperson selling him a credit card and a line of credit and all proved to be absolutely hilarious, especially when he berated the salesperson for not trusting customers with a pen (banks usually have chained pens, remember?) and so on. It looks like the show is still not done showing Ichabod’s flustered reactions to all forms of modern technology and modern social customs and all. That was one of the best elements of the show in the previous season, and it is fun to see that this is still something that the executive producers and the writers are committed to.

At the end of last week’s episode, we saw Moloch granting Jeremy/Henry the use of his armor to take the fight to both Ichabod and Abby. With him being the Horseman of War, there’s a very specific role for Jeremy/Henry in this episode, and indeed the series entire, but for now we see how Henry mind-controls the suit of armor to fight alongside Death against the Kindred and the Two Witnesses. With two Horsemen now side-by-side, the action has definitely stepped up a notch now and this week’s episode capitalizes on that quite handsomely I must add.

I’ll admit, I thought at first that Henry would put on the armor himself, but it seems that he is content to mind-control it from afar, which alone speaks volumes as to his powers as War. And he is absolutely creepy. John Noble as Henry is utterly fantastic and his turning heel in the season one finale was one of the best twists I’ve seen on the show to date. He really captures the essence of the character and his performance both contrasts and complements that of the other actors, whether that be Nicole Beharie, Katia Winter, Tom Mison or Neil Jackson.

Sleepy Hollow Cast 00002

I came away from this episode as impressed as I’d expected to be. The season premiere set a high bar last week and the new episode just raises that even further. The showrunners are capitalizing on their successes from before and they seem to have ironed out most of the kinks too. The cast for this season hasn’t expanded too much thankfully, but the addition of Sheriff Leena Reyes is sure to mix things up and that’s something that I’m looking forward to. Her connection to Abby and Jenny, having known their mother way back, is also a very interesting twist, so let’s see what the writers make of that.

And the ending? It is completely mental. And I mean that in the best way possible. Henry Parrish is going all out in taking down the Two Witnesses and anyone connected to them, and his choice of first victim is something that is really creeping me out. And damn John Noble for being such a creepy-awesome actor!

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