Vampirella #5 (Comics Review)

It has been clear since the start of the new Vampirella that creators Nancy A. Collins and Patrick Berkenkotter have had a strong direction for the series, as evidenced by the number and type of challenges that the titular character has faced. She is racing against the clock to find a cure for a curse that will see her eventually turn into Lady Umbra, Bride of the Apocalypse, and her world tour has led her to face up against all kinds of rare and powerful Vampires. As we close in on the end of the first arc, one of the key things is that the ending of it be a fitting one, given the epicness of the arc so far.

And if Vampirella #5 is any indication, then the arc is going to end on a high note. Having taken down the Krasue and the Lamira already, Vampirella travels to Serbia to face off against another of Lilith’s half-breeds, and then on to Kauzstadt to face off against a powerful foe, someone that I’ve been expecting for the last couple issues now. Nancy’s writing here is as strong as ever, though I felt that matters with the Leptirica were resolved too quickly, and Patrick’s art stands out once again because of his creature designs, which were just amazing here.

First the Krasue in Thailand and then the Lamia in Greece, Vampirella has definitely been going places, directed by the Nosferatu Drago who seems to have a vested interest in keeping her alive and cured of the curse put on her by her arch-nemesis Ethan Shroud. The story of Vampirella’s fall began quite spectacularly in Vampirella #1 a few months back, and since then Nancy A. Collins has continued without reservations towards an epic finale, or so it seems to me. I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride, seeing all these different breeds of Vampires, done in a way that seems rather innovative to me.

In Vampirella #5, we get to see Vampirella head over to Serbia this time, to destroy an absolutely rare kind of Vampire, a Leptirica, who is Lilith’s child borne out of a mating with a moth demon. As with the Lamia before it, the Leptirica also attracts the unwary and the susceptible for sustenance, and Nancy ends up giving a lot more backstory on the Vampire than on any of the other two we’ve seen before. And I liked it. Much of the first half of the story is shown by proxy through the eyes of Professor Janko Zagorac, an etymologist who is looking for the rare Graveyard Moth for his collection. It is a tactic that Nancy has used before, and it really works for this story, particularly since Vampirella’s entry is quite awesome.

From there, we move on to another challenge, another rarest of Vampires, and this is when we see Vampirella finally meet her match. She has been growing in power since killing the Krasue two issues back, but now she has come up against something that could very well kill her before she can kill it. And that’s what I loved best about this issue. It kind of hearkens back to how Ethan Shroud tricked her in the first place, and the callback works nicely.

As I suspected, Drago’s motivations to save Vampirella from Lady Umbra aren’t exactly altruistic, and he does have a plan in mind on how best to use her for his own gain. Treachery of this kind was expected once I understood the way in which Drago was having Vampirella go after the other Vampires and I must say that though expected, the twist is still something that can give you (as the reader) pause, same as it does Vampirella.

Patrick is once again on pencils, with Dennis on inks, Jorge on colours and Rob on letters with Terry on the cover art. I’ve remarked before about Patrick’s creature designs, about how good they are, and it all applies doubly to his character design for the Leptirica, whch was excellent all the way. Kind of a shame that we didn’t really get to see much of this Vampire rarity, but what we do see is quite great. The second half of the issue is also great, particularly in how Patrick and the others draw the Nosferatu.

Next month is the end of this first arc and I can’t wait to see how it all goes down!

Rating: 9/10

More Vampirella: #1, #2-3, #4; (Vampirella Strikes) #1.


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