Sensation Comics #9 (Comics Review)

The most recent “arc” of Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman has dealt with some rather cartoony things, whether that be the story itself, or the art, with the latter being much more prominent. Sensation Comics #7 wasn’t exactly a good issue, as far as I’m concerned, but the following Sensation Comics #8 was indeed quite a bit of fun. But then, that’s the value I suppose because more often than not the first eight weeks of this new digital-first title have provided some very classically-oriented Wonder Woman tales and that in itself has been a huge load of fun and awesome.

The newest digital issue, Sensation Comics #9, is another one-parter and this time we deal with Catwoman. It is kind of nice to go back to a Batman-oriented character at the end of the third “arc” since the first two issues dealt with a good majority of Batman villains, and just as Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver did with their cast of villains, so do writer Ollie Masters and artist Amy Mebberson in this issue, when Catwoman gets caught suspiciously easy by the London police and Wonder Woman is called in. Just as with last week, this week’s story is kind of cute and fun, with a great outing of Wonder Woman and Catwoman.

I have said this before for this series, and I’ll say it again: the rise of DC’s grimdark in recent years has more than put paid to the idea of characters just having fun and chilling out, although there are some rare exceptions such as Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Chad Hardin’s Harley Quinn or Keith Giffen, J. M. DeMatteis and Scott Kolins’ Larfleeze. The ongoing Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman anthology series does an excellent job at flipping that around, the grimdark that is, and it tells stories that were much more popular in the 70s and 80s, or even before. And I like that simplicity, I really do, because it is nice to read some easy-going adventures of a superhero like Wonder Woman, where the fate of the world isn’t at stake, and things are much more easily… manageable.

This week’s issue takes place in London, where Catwoman robs the British Museum but is caught in the act of getting away by Wonder Woman who happens to be in London at the same time. And that sets off some of the best scenes in this entire issue, where Catwoman is this cheeky, crazy, nutty thief and Wonder Woman is a cranky, tired, and sleep-deprived superhero just doing her own thing.

Writer Ollie Masters certainly understands who Wonder Woman is as a character and the particular take on Wonder Woman is just as much a part of her as anything that has been written in the last few years by Geoff Johns or Brian Azzarello. But there’s also an incredible simplicity about the character, and Ollie does focus on the little things, the small things, such as Wonder Woman being cranky that morning and needing a really strong cup of coffee while she goes after Selina.

Selina, for her part, was charming and a tease, and from the first page you see her, you know that something is wrong because she is being too brazen about the robbery at the British Museum. She is a far better thief than we see her, and Wonder Woman and London Police know it too, as do we as the readers. That twist, when it comes, ends up causing even more adventure and mayhem for Diana and Selina, and that too is one of the most fun aspects of the issue.

The artist this time is Amy Mebberson with letters by Deron Bennett as usual and the cover by Adam Hughes, same as last week. There’s a bit of a manga style to Amy’s linework, but it is also distinctly Western animation I feel, and there’s a pleasing balance to those two completely different things. I loved Amy’s Wonder Woman, especially when she is really cranky, and her Selina wasn’t too bad either, though I wish that the art was a bit more detailed and more refined, since that’s something that tripped me up a little bit here.

Other than though, excellent effort all around. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next week!

Rating: 8/10

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