Earth 2: World’s End #2 (Comics Review)

Each of DC’s new range of weekly comics does something different from the norm. Batman: Eternal has a rotating crew of writers and artists. Future’s End does several parallel stories together. And the new Earth 2: World’s End mixes in several different artists together each week. Launched last week, Earth 2: World’s End is what I would hardly call a good comic, because it seems to retcon a lot of things and confuses the entire timeline of the series. But there is something here that’s interesting, since this is also a prequel to a series I do like, Future’s End.

After what was a massive recap issue last week, this week’s installment of the new weekly series continues the story of Apokolips resurgent on Earth 2, as the fire pits open again and new champions of Darkseid, working under the master orders of the supervillain Bedlam emerge and lay waste to the world’s heroes. I thought last week’s issue was disappointing, turns out that the entire team was just getting started, because this is another disappointing issue. It replicates much of what Future’s End does with the parallel stories, but with a lack of distinct progression in the story and confusing artwork all throughout.

Personally, one thing I don’t get is why Tom Taylor isn’t on this series. If you look over at Batman: Eternal, we have Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Kyle Higgins, Tim Seeley, Ray Fawkes and James Robinson, all of whom have worked on various Batman-related titles in the past or at present, and they bring that sense of continuity to the weekly series. With Future’s End, it is all set in the future so it doesn’t matter so much which writer is working on which story, and there are tons of subplots there. With this series though, I was expecting some sort of continuity though, even if I’m not reading either Earth 2 or World’s Finest anymore, and it is just not there far as I can tell.

Anyway, on to the story itself. Last week we saw that one of the Furies of Apokolips had made its way to Earth 2 and this week we see the others make their debut as well, in what is a massive second invasion of the world. And of course, Apokolips itself is making its way towards Earth 2 so the situation really is dire. We touch base with almost every important character, whether it is this reality’s version of the Justice League or the World Army of even the mastermind behind it all, Bedlam, who does seem to be in a spot of trouble right now, thanks to Mister Miracle, Mr. Terrific and Terry Sloan.

Last week’s seeming retcons left a rather bad taste in my mouth, but I tried to move on from there and I have to say that the story is slightly better, though I’m really confused as to why this is all happening at this time, and just what is going on here exactly. It seems to be little more than an excuse to go big with the action, which is good thankfully, but the characterizations kind of leave me cold since no character gets more than a token screen presence, and some get even less.

The muddled story seems to lack direction in a way that Future’s End hasn’t, not really, and that kind of makes me biased against this title since it seems to be a copycat format. I would have liked it much better if the proper setup was there for this and if the characters were introduced gradually and then developed, rather than everyone thrown into the grinder from the get go. That’s no fun!

In themselves, the action scenes were much better than before, since we got to see the Justice League take on K’li and she really did kick their asses, but with the changes in artists every few pages, it was confusing as hell and at times there was inconsistency in the character designs and facial expressions as well. Having so many different artists on each issue really hurts the overall tone of the artwork, and I can’t help but feel lost with it. The sequence in Sloan’s mind was interesting in concept, but the execution didn’t pan out well, and proved to be just one of the many disappointments I had with this issue.

The promise is still there, but I’m not really getting invested in this title any more than I did last week.

Rating: 5.5/10

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