The Flash Season Zero #4 (Comics Review)

With three great episodes in the bag so far, CW’s The Flash is powering on to some really great things, especially since next week is going to see the debut of one of Flash’s greatest villains, Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold in all his parka glory. Fun yeah? And to go with that, the current Season Zero comics are also doing their bit to expand Barry’s villains roster. The previous issues have all been leading up to this particular one, out a few days ago, and the journey to this point has certainly been great, with a nice simplistic villain like Strong Man leading the charge on that front.

Previously we’ve seen that there’s a criminal mastermind at work within Central City, who is targeting the “enemies” of a local traveling circus, and that Barry has already gone up against some of the circus workers. Team Barry manages to suss out the identities of these new villains, leaving it to the hero to confront the big bad, and it is a great moment filled with some wonderful stuff that can only be possible in comics and not in television. The writing is mostly consistent with what we’ve seen already on this title, and the art is as great as it has ever been, so The Flash Season Zero #4 is a good installment altogether.

It is a very changed world for the residents of Central City, what with the particle accelerator accident nine months ago and all the metahumans who have started cropping all over the place recently. Of course, if you are the ringmaster of a popular circus, then you are going to want to collect some of the freaks and make a spectacle out of their miseries and their fortunes. That’s kind of the underlying point behind what is happening with Nathan Bliss, the owner and ringmaster of a local traveling circus, who has been facing some real-life issues of late and has found on the perfect, or so he thinks, method of dealing with such issues.

The thing is that given how short these digital comics are, they often end abruptly, and in The Flash Season Zero #4 that is more true than it has been for any of the previous three issues. It is a challenge to write in the medium and the writing team has done well so far, but some of the cracks are beginning to show now, given how expansive this issue is on a story-level with introducing all the new characters and the rogues gallery that Barry works through in the middle portions.

In the midst of it all though, there’s one constant at least: the humour and comic relief. There are some really great moments related to comic relief in this issue and I loved every moment of them. It all stays very true to how things are on the show, and one particular thing that I loved was that a lot of the comic relief was from Caitlin, Cisco and Harrison Wells, not something I was really expecting since Harrison is usually the quiet, reserved type. Seems that things are more light-hearted in the comics, and that’s perfectly fine for me.

It helps differentiate the comics, and even makes them more approachable I’d say. Can’t deny the attraction of that.

The issue ends a bit more abruptly than I’d thought, but putting that aside for a moment, I think this was indeed a pretty good issue since it stays tonally consistent with the rest of the series, and it also works on showing the reader the varied life in Central City after the accident, and all the different kinds of meta-humans that have popped up since.

The art is by Phil Hester, Eric Gapstur, Kelsey Shannon and Deron Bennett once again, respectively credited as artist, inker, colourist and letterer. The art was pretty great, all things considered. Yeah some panels have characters with their faces turned away in a way that covers up most of their features, or the camera angles are a bit too zoomed out, but you look past that and you get to see just how good the art really is. And everything that happens in the circus in the climax is executed well too, so no complaints there.

A decent issue that sets up the next quite admirably and in a good fashion as well.

Rating: 8.5/10

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