Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Ep 6 (TV Show Review)

Sleepy Hollow is a show where the characters’ past often comes back to haunt them. This was a recurring theme of the first season last year and so far it is holding true for the second season as well. Last week’s episode forced Ichabod to confront another unfortunate incident from his past, something deeply personal that ended up affecting his life in the present, his relationship with Katrina. Fascinating really since they are time-crossed lovers who have endured horrors beyond imagining in their time apart, and for whom there is still no reprieve.

In “And The Abyss Gazes Back“, new this week, we see how Abby’s past comes back to haunt her. Joe Corbin, the estranged son of her late mentor Sheriff Corbin, comes back to Sleepy Hollow following an honourable discharge from the army and we get to see his relationship with both her and with Jenny. Very interesting, and fortunately this is also the perfect time for the amazing Clancy Brown to return as the former Sheriff of Sleepy Hollow. This was a really great episode on many levels, and the cliffhanger ending was simply mind-blowing. Last season this was just the halfway mark, but now we are a third of our way into the show, and it looks like things are really kicking up now.

The new episode starts off on a rather humorous note that appears to be quite dire at first: Ichabod and Abby hanging upside down and talking as if they’ve been captured by Henry and are being tortured. But of course, it turns out that Abby was trying to get Ichabod into yoga, which proves to be something beyond his abilities however. Following this there’s a rather remarkably comic discussion about the proper way to reference a person’s backside, a conversation that Abby ends up winning. Nice little touch really, since it helps the viewer get properly acclimated to the episode and provides a simple and easy intro to what the rest of the episode holds.

The problem of the week is a creature known as the Wendigo that is going around killing people. And since Joe Corbin is somehow involved in the incident, Team Witness gets on the case to crack it wide open before any more people are hurt. It is a rather exciting episode for many levels with one of the most exciting being that it gives Ichabod another chance to show off his “ancient” lore, specifically the Shawnee tribe of Native Americans whom he befriended back in the day. One of the great things about the show is that it always takes a moment to highlight some local cultures rather than whitewashing/Americanizing everything as you’d generally expect. Sure, the details are a bit thin on the ground here, but needs must for a show that has to cover so much ground in only a mere 42-43 minutes.

Since much of the show is focused on young Corben, we get to see how he relates to Abby, and the resentment he bears her for taking his father away from him. Given everything that we learned about the enigmatic Sheriff Corbin last season, it really is no surprise that he took Abby in and doted on her as a father would. Of course, we didn’t know then that this happened at the cost of his relationship with his only son, which drove the two of them apart. Much of the story here focuses on how the rift between Abby and Joe heals, and I liked that angle since it provided more of a clue as to both Abby’s and the late Sheriff’s past, how they drew together in the wake of the former’s adolescence and how she ultimately came to work for the Sheriff’s department.

One of the other threads that the show addresses this week is that of Captain Irving and his soul, the latter of which he was manipulated into giving over to Henry a while back. We’ve known from the beginning that Moloch has some great plans to bring about the Apocalypse and that Henry is his chosen servant to carry out his wishes in the real world since Officer Luke is no longer capable of anything. This larger plan comes into effect in this episode and we see that Henry has placed Irving in the vanguard, trying to force the former cop to do something he really doesn’t want to, something that he will regret later.

Fascinating really, how Henry manages to manipulate everyone around him, even his alley Death, who is kept on a rather short leash by him and Moloch of late. Not a good situation to be in, especially if you are one of the fabled Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Heady duty, that.

Sleepy Hollow Cast 00002

The whole “larger plan at work” thing comes into play in the final moments of the episode, when we get to mind-twisting cliffhanger ending, and the teaser for next week that follows. It is going to be a rather fun episode, with the lives of all of Team Witness now in jeopardy, given what happens in this episode, and how Henry gains a leg up on the good guys and girls. Terrifying really.

One of the other great things about this episode, as it has been for much of the show to date, is seeing all the flashback history stuff. Sleepy Hollow has gone out of its way to show that much of the history that is taken for granted with regards to General George Washington and his army and men is patently false. Ever the history teacher, Ichabod often goes on at length about it, and it was nice to see him finally praise Benjamin Franklin for something, rather than condemning him as a pompous blowhard, though he does acknowledge Franklin as a superb inventor.

Oh and Ichabod also discovers video games in this episode. Specifically he discovers an online shooter, and what follows is utterly hilarious. His way of cursing is really cute, and I kind of want to see more really. He curses at people so politely and formally. Really fun.

A pretty damn solid episode this and one that I really, really enjoyed.

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