Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1 (Comics Review)

Just a few short weeks ago, Logan aka The Wolverine died, doing something he always did best, be a vengeful hero. His death has been a long time coming in the comics, ever since he lost his healing factor nearly two years ago, and it is quite a marvel that he lasted this long. But Charles Soule and Steve McNiven gave him a pretty great send-off in Death of Wolverine #4 and now it is the time for the heroes of the Marvel 616 universe to deal with their grief and their sense of loss. While some are struggling, as we saw with Ororo in Storm #4, others are being practical and ever more divisive.

In Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1 we see how two other Marvel greats, the former Sentinel of Liberty aka Steve Rogers and the Merc with a Mouth aka Deadpool, are dealing with his death. The issue portrays both of them as two of Logan’s closest friends and allies and shows how they are planning for the future by denying those who would profit from their friend’s untimely death. It is quite a hilarious issue at times, with Deadpool doing what he does so well, and the former Captain America also getting a few good kicks in, and the art is fairly good as well.

Death of Wolverine - Deadpool and Captain America 001Given everything I’ve heard and read about Deadpool in recent months, I fully expected this issue to be an out-and-out comedy. After all, that is what Wade Wilson aka Deadpool is most famous for. He is the Merc With a Mouth, you see. By pairing him with Steve Rogers, who passed on the mantle of Captain America to his friend Sam Wilson aka The Falcon in the recent Captain America #25, I expected that it would get really silly, with Wade’s comic timing paired with Steve’s seriousness, but it is nothing of the kind. Gerry Duggan delivers a rather heartwarming and emotional story that takes the time to focus on the characters and who they are and what they mean to each other rather than doing silly, cheap jokes.

Yes, there is a good amount of humour here, but it is balanced by the seriousness of the story, which involves the two heroes from wiping out all DNA of Wolverine that can be found anywhere since they don’t want some sick, deluded evil megalomaniac from resurrecting Logan. They clean out his room at the Avengers mansion, burn all his keepsakes, and then set out on a hunt for a knife that was recently used to cut him and now is in AIM possession. It is a fun story by all respects and I had fun reading it too.

Deadpool isn’t a character that I’m overly familiar with outside of all that I’ve read in recent times but I must say that Duggan seems to have a really good handle on him. The dialogue feels very spot-on and the occasional gag by Steve really brightens up the whole thing. In many ways, this one-shot (I think this is a one-shot) is very indicative of the general Marvel approach to comics: serious comics with a heart that don’t get lose in the grim darkness.

For that alone, this is worth a serious read.

The ending of this comic is rather controversial I’d say, or at least, very though-provoking. What it does is setup a further story arc that I would love to see from Duggan’s pen. The fight scenes are pretty awesome, and so is the dialogue. It can be a bit campy at times, but hey, this is Deadpool, so I’m not complaining. Plus there’s Steve Rogers the straight-up-and-down superhero mixed in here, so what the hell, just enjoy the hell out of this.

Scott Kolins is the artist here with Veronica Gandini on colours, VC’s Joe Sabino on the letters, and the lovable cover by Ed McGuinness and Morry Hollowell. The art in here is pretty good. It feels a bit too rough at times, but the artists do a great portrayal of the heroes and there really isn’t any wasted moment in here. Some of the panels can be a bit off since the faces aren’t done properly or something, but they are very few, no mere than a mere handful, and the art overall is pretty strong, with lots of energy and excitement to it.

So far, this one-shot has been much better than the Death of Wolverine: Logan Legacy, and I can’t wait to see more along the same lines.

Rating: 9/10

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