The Amazing Spider-Man #8-9 (Comics Review)

Dan Slott, Christos Gage and many other writers have been laying down the foundation of Marvel’s current event, Spider-Verse for the last several weeks now and it is pretty much time for readers to get the dividends on their investments. In the pages of both Edge of Spider-Verse and The Amazing Spider-Man, we’ve seen how various Spider-themed heroes have been murdered and their souls stolen by interdimensional beings and how it is going to affect the main Marvel 616 universe. In recent weeks, we also got to see brand-new superhero Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel join forces with Peter Parker as well and The Amazing Spider-Man has definitely moved into a new phase of its second existnece

In The Amazing Spider-Man #7, we saw Kamala and Peter team-up to take down a supervillain who dressed up in one of Carol Danvers’ old outfits from when she was Ms. Marvel. It was a bit of a silly story in some ways but also executed well enough that I ended up liking it. And then we got to meet Spider-UK from an alternate Earth where he was part of the Captain Britain Corps. Fun stuff. But in issues #8 and #9, we see something altogether different. Kamala and Peter’s team-up comes to a nice soft close, we see the debut of Mayday Parker, and then Dan Slott kicks off Spider-Verse in the ninth issue, out this week. As I said, the title just keeps getting better, and the art is improving along with it, which is pretty awesome

The first issue in The Amazing Spider-Man #8 deals with Kamala and Peter fighting off against the Kree scientist Dr. Minerva and sending her packing off-Earth since she’s on the planet illegally. It is kind of a weird story, not to mention that I didn’t really get why a Kree is named Dr. Minerva, but looking past that, this story definitely had some heart. Especially since a surprising cameo really got me invested in the story by the end. No spoilers on who the cameo is, but I think that Spidey has gained Parker Industries a bright young talent for damn sure.

And then there’s also Silk aka Cindy Moon, Peter’s fellow… Spider-friend. The two of them kind of break-up in this issue and Cindy goes off to establish her own identity and make her own way in the superhero community. There’s literally lots of things happening here but Dan Slott somehow navigates it all without getting confusing, so that’s point in his favour.

The second story is much more tragic in a lot of ways. Set on Earth-982, this is another Edge of Spider-Verse story as we see Mayday Parker and her family come under attack from Morlun’s crazy brother Daemos. Sons of Solus the Inheritor both, they and their other siblings have been ranging across creation murdering Spider-totems and feeding on their life force. Now it is the turn of Mayday Parker, her father Peter, her mother Mary Jane and her young brother Benjamin to face this monster. And it is not pretty.

The story sets up how Mayday fails to save her friends and join up with other Spider-heroes who have begun to band together out of their shared need to protect themselves. Very heartbreaking in a lot of ways and Dan Slott, in just a few pages, captures for me what Peter and Mayday from Earth-982 are really about. And Mary Jane as well. I’ll admit, I almost cried at the scene. Brutal but honest story.

Giuseppe Camuncoli is the artist for the first story, with Cam Smith on inks and Antonia Fabela on colours and Chris Eliopoulos on letters. For the second story, we have artists Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado and Chris Eliopoulos. The art in both stories is pretty good, especially the second one which was just outstanding. The first is a bit iffy in places with Kamala’s facial expressions or some of the scenes with Silk (her costume, original one, really sucks since it is basically just web-fluid) or even Dr. Minerva’s appearance which is rather cartoony. Still, not all is bad, and there’s quite a bit to like here.

Apart from not understanding how Cindy, who has been closed off from the world for more than a decade and who has had no social interactions with anyone since apart from recently meeting Peter and Anna Maria, is able to get a job at a news station, I really liked this issue and would definitely recommend it, for Mayday’s story alone.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #9, Dan Slott’s Spider-Verse event finally kicks off as Peter Parker from 616 meets up with many of the other Spider-totems from numerous alternate dimensions. Spider-Ham, Man-Spider, Spider-UK, Cosmic Spider, Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl (Gwen Stacy and Mayday Parker alike) etc, there are many different versions of Spider-Man in this issue and one of the things that Dan Slott explores here. All the Edge of Spider-Verse stories have been leading up to this moment and Dan Slott executes it almost flawlessly.

He brings back Cindy Moon for another outing with Peter in this issue, and it has apparently been a few weeks since they last talked. She now seems to have a stable job but since Peter and her proximity to each other causes both of them a lot of… tension, she comes up with an idea to solve it for good: Cindy takes over NYC as her stomping ground while Peter leaves for parts elsewhere. It is a bit of a weird twist but fortunately is redeemed in a way when the main Spider-Verse story interjects and then Peter is off to other dimensions.

The best part of this story definitely has to be getting a good luck at Morlun, Daemos and their sister Verna. The Inheritors have been rampaging and in this issue we get to see a bit more of them, Daemos in particular. Given the rivalries between the children of Solus, Daemos decides to head to 616 to see what makes that Earth so special and why Morlun has been avoiding him, and he runs up into none other than Scarlet Spider, taking him out and the new Warriors at the same time. How that plays out is quite the story, and I liked that the Spiders slapped Daemos up and down, though not without significant loss.

There’s a lot more story here of course, but I think that most of that is incidental to this main story about Peter connecting into the Spider-Verse even good and proper with all the other heroes from across alternate dimensions and Earths. Really fun stuff. Once again, the story zips by pretty fast, but it is also well-told, so I have no significant issues with it.

Olivier Coipel is the artist on this one, With Justin Ponsor on colours and Chris Eliopoulos on letters. For the most part, the art here is really good, especially when we get to the Spider-Refuge, or the dimensional safe zone established by the various heroes to stay out of the clutches of the Inheritors. Lots of different Spiders here and each one manages to stand out. However, some of the scenes involving the Inheritors were heavy on the inks and there’s this one scene with Kaine and Daemos that is extremely confusing, given what happens in it to a certain Spider. Too much shadow in that scene. Still, all said and done, it is awesome to see Jessica Drew, Gwen Stacy, Mayday Parker, Peter Parker, Cosmic Spider-Man, Spider-Ham, etc all together like this.

Good start to the event!

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Minerva’s Kree name is actually Minn-Erva, and she’s been around the MU for a couple decades (at least) as one of Carol’s older enemies.


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