Gotham Season 1 Ep 10 (TV Show Review)

As it moved towards its mid-season finale, Gotham introduced viewers to a new version of ADA Harvey Dent, one of the most classic of all Batman villains, known also as Two-Face. It was a fairly good episode, though also quite filler in some ways, so not all that exciting. But still, the job done with Dent, both acting-wise and visually, was good, and it made me really like Harvey. A very different take on the character than what we’ve seen before, especially since the Batman: The Animated Series cast him as an of-age friend to Bruce Wayne, but either way, this guy is going to have a big influence on the future Batman and this week’s new episode proves why.

This week saw the mid-season finale of Gotham. Building on from plot-threads introduced in last week’s “Harvey Dent” this week’s “Lovecraft” finds assassins infiltrating Wayne Manor to kill Selina Kyle and all the adventures that result while on the other side of Gotham Don Falcone tries to find out who it was that raided his armoury and stole his money and all that. This was a much better episode in a lot of ways than some of the previous ones, more so because this one actually gave us an interesting angle on the Waynes’ murder other than just “Selina Kyle saw the murderer”. Definitely a recommended watch.

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This week’s episode sees a big shake-up in the order of things, almost as big as the one that happened when Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot announced to all of Gotham that he was alive and kicking by walking in through the front door of the headquarters of the Gotham City Police Department. Not as much straight-up flashy drama this time, but something more intense actually since we see that somehow the news about Selina being Gordon’s witness for the Waynes’ murders leaks out and assassins are sent to Wayne Manor to silence her. That’s pretty much what most of the episode is about since the assassins aren’t successful the first time, thanks to Alfred being absolutely badass, and both Bruce and Selina escape the Manor and go hide in Gotham itself.

This was a really good arc, far as I’m concerned. It shook up Bruce’s world completely, for people to come after him so soon after his parents’ murders, and to be put in a life-and-death situation like this. I wish that writer Rebecca Dameron had focused more on Bruce’s psychology here, to show how deeply he is affected by something like this, but all the same, I liked how she played Bruce off Selina. Selina wanting Bruce to kiss her, just for giggles, was kind of really wince-inducing for me, but I liked that being with Selina made Bruce want to step up his game as far as getting over his fears went. She has had a pretty big influence on him, especially in this episode, and we are seeing more and more glimmers of the kind of man he is going to become in the later years of his life. Good stuff in the end.

Of course, the episode deals also with the fact that Harvey Dent and Dick Lovecraft are tied into this whole mess, and seeing Gordon navigate all of this with Mayor Aubrey James dogging his heels was almost quite beautiful. Right at the end, what Gordon tells the Mayor, that was absolutely brilliant since he finally stood up for himself in front of one of the most corrupt and powerful men in Gotham, though he does end up suffering for it, with a rather ominous touch to that final scene.

But the thing is, we are finally seeing that Gordon is ruffling some really big feathers in Gotham right now. He is still after the Waynes’ killer, knowing that Mario Pepper was deliberately set up as the fall guy for it and that Gordon and Bullock killed the wrong man for the murder. Lovecraft even says as much to Gordon when the latter confronts him, and that I think is one of the most brilliant and blink-and-you-miss-it moments of the episode, the fact that there’s a powerful cabal of people in Gotham who have orchestrated everything. Of course, you always come back to Don Falcone, Don Maroni, Fish Mooney, Mayor Aubrey James and the others, but I think it is a pretty valuable piece of information for the viewer, that there are much bigger things going on in Gotham than we realise. Which is why Lovecraft was silenced in this episode, in an almost tragic fashion.

But at the same time, I loved the show because of how a lot of the outstanding plot-lines are dealt with here, and because we get to see Alfred Pennyworth kick some ass finally. His past as a soldier, especially in some kind of elite forces, has always been there in his background, and was certainly a key part of Michael Caine’s portrayal in Christopher Nolan’s movies, but to see it actually happen on screen as Sean Pertwee’s Alfred fights off three assassins and engages in a shooting match with them, that’s something completely different. And amazing too.

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The big interconnectedness, not to mention that it all coming back to Don Falcone and his lost money from the last episode, that’s just fuel for more misadventures in Gotham. The balance of power effectively is shifted in this episode since now Fish really has to look over her shoulder while she continues to plot against Falcone, and also because Mayor James pretty much removes Gordon from the field. With Gotham digging itself further and further into a silent war between the rich and powerful of the city, it really is a bad time to be a Gothamite, I’m thinking. Things just don’t seem to go well for anyone here, no matter who it is.

And that is what I love about the show. Without being expressly dark, Gotham still manages to deal with some really heavy and dark stuff. Such as the fact that people die in the city all the time and that it is not a big deal for Bruce’s parents to have been mugged and killed. That’s just life in Gotham, is what Selina tells Bruce when they are on the run.

The episode also brought back Ivy Pepper for a brief cameo, and that was also when the show had some really dumb moments that I can’t forgive because it makes the characters look absolutely stupid, especially Bruce and Ivy, and that’s just disappointing.

But all the same, fairly good mid-season finale!

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