Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Ep 10 (TV Show Review)

A whole lot of different things are happening very quickly now on Sleepy Hollow as Henry aka the Horseman of War, prepares to unleash his master Moloch the Horrid King on the world, and bring about the Apocalypse. In the last few episodes we’ve seen how Henry has brought Moloch into the real world, using Katrina as the unwilling agent of this demonic birth, thereby demoralising the two Witnesses a great deal. But the heroes bounce back from this setback, as they are wont to do and that’s what I love about the series so much, that there’s always hope.

This week’s episode is titled “Magnum Opus” and that’s pretty much true of the story. This really is a magnum opus
kind of episode since this one has the Witnesses searching out a new weapon to fight off Moloch and his agents, the fabled Sword of Methuselah, and everything that happens in this episode is top-notch, without a doubt. With some really intense stories and plenty of flashbacks to happier days, this mid-season penultimate episode pretty much has everything I want in this show, and then some. Can’t argue against that!

The new episode this week deals with the Witnesses’ hunt for a new weapon against Moloch, all courtesy of the journal of Grace Dixon, Abby’s ancestor who was the mid-wife for Henry’s birth in the months after Ichabod’s “death”. The journal came into their possession quite recently, thanks to the ghost of Abby and Jenny’s mother who still haunted Tarrytown Psych in a kind of a round-about way that dealt with many of Henry’s distractions for the Witnesses.

But see, that’s the thing here. The show often gives the Witnesses some weapons, before they are taken away. That’s what happened with the Kindred in one of the early episodes of the current season. The Kindred was a pretty powerful weapon against the two Horsemen, but we haven’t seen him since the end of that episode and he hasn’t been mentioned either, which is quite disappointing since I loved the Kindred as a character.

Hopefully, things are going to be different with Grace Dixon’s journal, be more like George Washington’s Bible that has been such a lynchpin of the Witnesses’ fight against Moloch and his many minions. I love seeing all these “artifacts” show up on the show, where they are often put to good use at least in the near-time. This week, we see how the journal leads the Witnesses to the fabled Sword of Methuselah, a weapon that can harm even Moloch. That makes it a very valuable tool indeed since Team Witnesses has been struggling to bar Moloch from entering the world and has pretty much failed in that regard.

What I loved about this episode, which thematically should have been called “Ouroboros” is how interconnected everything really is. Katrina and Ichabod were at the forefront of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin’s silent war on evil during the Revolution. Ichabod came to the Americas at the insistence of Abraham, who was engaged with Katrina at the time. When Katrina fell in love with Ichabod instead, Abraham couldn’t stomach it and eventually became the Horseman of Death, thereby leading to Ichabod becoming a Witness and Katrina becoming trapped in Purgatory, though not giving birth to Jeremy Crane aka Henry Parrish through the efforts of Abby’s ancestor Grace Dixon. And Abby herself is a Witness now. It is all so connected, with each character having a connection to the other, a connection that transcends time and that binds them all to the Apocalypse, whether or not it is going to actually come or not.

Basically, everything comes back full-circle to a single defining moment, the moment where friendship turns to betrayal, love to revenge. And all the characters are connected to this. It is pretty cool. In most any other situation, I would decry such a connection, calling it cliched and what not, but the writers of Sleepy Hollow have made it work time and time again and it is no different in “Magnum Opus“.

The big bad villain in this episode is someone drawn from Greek Mythology this time, making it an interesting… appropriation for the show, which has largely dealt with Christian Mythology until now, with a smattering of some local Native American supernatural goings-on so far. It is an interesting take certainly, but I wish that it had dealt with the villain in a much better way since it ended up playing second fiddle to the Horseman of Death, who comes face-to-face with Ichabod in this episode and the two of them talk things out at the edges of swords and axes.

Sleepy Hollow Cast 00002

Which brings me to the action sequences. They are phenomenal. Ichabod with a sword against Death with an axe. And they battle it out with Ichabod able to see Abraham’s face in a fight that is an echo of their previous duel in the late 1700s when they fought over Katrina, a duel that eventually saw Abraham turn to Moloch as a saviour. I loved the action sequences since they underscored all of the character development in this episode, drawing connections with some of the events of the previous season and the new one as well, with both trying to outdo each other psychologically. That’s pretty great isn’t it? The battle between them is of not just weapons, but of words and psychology as well. That alone elevates this episode above all the others and even is an excellent reason for viewers to come back next week since more is promised for the mid-season finale.

And that brings me to the ending itself. The episode is very National Treasure like in the story, but that is all mixed in with the big events of the pre-Apocalypse itself, the rise of Moloch as he steps into the mortal plane for good. Henry has big plans for it, and he achieves many of them by the end, setting the heroes and the villains up for a definitive battle for the episode next week, the promo for which promises some really great and grand things that I can’t wait to see.

I got my fingers crossed for an epic episode!

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