Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program #3 (Comics Review)

Marvel’s Death of Wolverine: Weapon X Program series has been kicking along just fine since it debuted almost a month ago. Being a mini-series that explores the aftermath of Death of Wolverine that saw the titular character die after facing one of his worst enemies, his creator in fact, there have been some pretty big revelations so far, not the least of which is that at least one of the people on the “team” is an unrepentant serial killer and that another is perhaps hosting a slice of Wolverine’s consciousness in himself, creating some really tense moments.

This week’s Weapon X Program #3 continues the tale of the ad-hoc group as it tries to locate Victor Creed aka Sabretooth, another one of Logan’s greatest enemies, in an effort to get some answers as to what the hell happened to them all in the Weapon X Facility and why it happened. Charles Soule continues to keep some mysteries about the group close to his chest, while also introducing some new ones and the art by Salvador Larroca continues to be pretty damn good with some great action this time around.

Who are these people? That’s a question that I’ve asked myself again and again as I read through this series. Sharp, Endo, Neuro, Skel, Junk, the unnamed woman who died last issue. Who are they and why were they chosen by Abraham Cornelius for his experiments into creating a new Wolverine, an improved version of the original who is now dead, all thanks to Cornelius himself. Charles Soule has teased this mystery since the beginning of this mini-series, and he continues to do so in the new issue as well, without fail. And I am liking what he is doing. The mystery of the identity and the how and the why is quite compelling from my viewpoint, and is one of the main reasons why I’ve stuck with it so far, almost a month now.

The “team” tracks down Victor Creed easily enough, and it is quite cool to see what his reaction is to them all. He is a berserker, little more than a beast, and he goes straight at the team soon as he sees them, which creates some really tense moments for the characters as they all try to make sense of what has been done to them against their wishes. And in the midst of it all, we also see that the “team” learns more about the “original” template, Logan himself, and some measure of what Abraham Cornelius was trying to do to them.

An interesting thing about this issue is that we continue to see more about the different characters, just as we did with Neuro last issue. Skel, Junk and Endo all three get to shine a little bit in this issue as we see how the first two were “selected” for the conversion process and it is all very high-concept as well since we don’t get the reasons, but do get to see how these two differ from each other, with one being a straight liar and the other having a more tragic back-story. With Endo though, we see how she is affected by her present circumstances and how she wants to break out of it all and reconnect with her family and her boyfriend.

The team should really be sticking together through their present predicament, but being individuals who are missing a crucial part of their recent memories, they are all dealing with it in their own ways, and that’s what Charles Soule is able to depict really well. Each character stands on his or her own.

Salvador Larroca’s art is consistently good in this issue, which applies to Frank D’Armata’s colours as well. The art is a bit more simple than it has been in the last two issues, on account of most of the panels just being “talking heads”, but Salvador throws in so much energy and great expression-work into those panels that the whole “talking heads” thing just doesn’t matter so much, you are so fixated on the characters themselves. And the big fight with Creed, while very brief, also packs a tone of energy; you can almost feel the punches flying and the lethality of the characters.

A good solid issue as the mini-series moves towards the finale.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. Good review. I’m really enjoying this mini-series and am looking forward to following at least some of these new characters on into Soules’ Wolverines series.


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