Advent Review #7: Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm War #5 (Comics Review)

Zenescope’s Age of Darkness event has still been moving steadily ahead after Grimm Fairy Tales #100 in the current mini-series Realm War that looks at the world as it in the aftermath of the Horde’s victory over all the different realms. Even as the heroes try to gather their forces for a strike at their enemy, the villains are having some problems of their own, though they are still quite powerful and the writing and the art both have been pretty spectacular since the start, which is a huge bonus indeed as a reader.

This week’s Realm War #5 proved to be just as exciting an issue as any of the previous ones, as far as I’m concerned. While it gives the story a lot of forward momentum and marks finally moving against Lucinda, given everything that has been happening elsewhere, it also did a lot to show what Lucinda the Dark Queen is planning and how she plans to deal with all insurrection, whether internal or external. Goes without saying really that I loved the art a lot here and the writing was pretty good too, given all that writer Joe Brusha tries to do here.First of all, the cover by Artgerm is absolutely fantastic here. This one shows Agent Red in a great “ready to kick some Horde ass” pose here, and I love it since I love the character as well and because Artgerm has captured the character perfectly. It just makes me want to go and read Britney’s solo mini-series and the arc where she has a big tiff with Robyn Locksley, who has gone from being the hero to being the villain of late in Age of Darkness.

The new issue takes a look at what all the different characters are up to as they all begin to put many of their plans into motion. For Lucinda, these plans entail taking out more of the good guys, especially Sela and her companions. For Malec, it means moving against Lucinda since he is sick as hell of her ill-treatment of him and wants to stand up for himself finally. For Sela and the others, it means that they are ready to move against the Horde in a pretty big way, with the help of a former villain no less, and that’s where the fun of the story really comes in.

What I really liked about this issue was that it is all about positioning the pieces. On the one hand we have Lucinda who is moving Robyn and Hercules into position to take out the resistance of the remnants of the Realm Knights. On the other hand we have Sela leading the remnant Realm Knights and loyal Hibocorp forces against Lucinda and the Dark Horde. And in the midst of all of this are Venus and Malec the Dark One who are both plotting against Lucinda, without any meaningful success.

Sure, Realm War to date has been all about the positioning of the pieces, but this is the first issue where the action is all low-key and where the story really focuses on all the diverse characters that Joe Brusha has assembled for this mini-series. We touch base with each one in turn so no one is ignored, and all the little flashes we see of them serve only to make you want to read more to find out just what is happening with them all. And that’s fantastic.

Oh and Agent Red, aka Britney Waters, finally hate the nail on the head and asked Sela what the hell they were all going to do about Robyn, which was great since that particular thing finally got addressed. It was a pretty big narrative point to leave hanging and I’m glad that this is being finally addressed now.

As before, we have Sami Kivela on the art with Maxflan Araujo on the colours and Jim Campbell on the letters. There are a couple panels here and there where the art seems somewhat inconsistent but other than that, the artwork rocks the town. Starting with that excellent cover, we have some great mini-action sequences with the various characters while at the same time, we get some big moments such as the one involving Robyn and Hercules, which is too awesome for words, bringing together two of my favourite characters together in the same panel. And Sela’s expressions in this issue were just too good as well.

Another exciting, awesome installment!

Rating: 9.5/10

More Realm War: #1-2, #3, #4.

More Age of Darkness: (Grimm Fairy Tales) FCBD 2014, Annual 2014; (Neverland: Age of Darkness) #1, #2; Robyn Hood: Age of Darkness.


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