Inhuman #10 (Comics Review)

The recent Avengers & X-Men: AXIS event has ended up changing things for a lot of heroes and villains alike. Their personalities have essentially been inverted in that the heroes have gotten megalomaniacal and ruthless while the villains have become more aware of the wrongs they’ve done and of their social responsibilities even. Where that comes into play for Inhuman is that Queen Medusa has been affected as well, and she comes back to New Attilan with plans for invading Manhattan and showing the world leaders that the Inhumans are their superiors in every way and are not to be trifled with. Not a good thing for anybody who is going to be involved.

Inhuman #10, which came out in the previous week, saw some major things happening. For one, Medusa took her… grievances to the United Nations in a public show of force and tangled with Spider-Man there. It was a pretty fantastic showdown by all accounts, and made me realize that if Charles Soule gets to writing a Spidey comic, I’d definitely be first in line to get the thing. And then there’s the separate narrative with Reader and Xiaoyi in Italy where the former discovers how he has been played by the people at Ennilux and decides to be the hero for real after all.

The best thing in the issue definitely has to be the the fact that we get to see Medusa fighting off against Spider-Man. In his typical way, Spidey interrupts her ultimatums to the United Nations and keeps making quips while he fights her, which kept things really lively all the way through. While I’ve missed Medusa’s inversion in Avengers & X-Men: AXIS, the fallout has been fairly interesting to watch, and I think that it is also coming to a head now, given what happens in the final page, which as completely out of the left field as was her inversion.

But then that’s the thing isn’t it. We saw her in the opening issues as a very compassionate and determined ruler who wanted only to guide her people through a very rough time, a time where they lost both their king and their city and are only now picking up the ashes of their lives, slowly rebuilding. But now, now she is on the warpath, heedless of the counsel of her advisers and friends. With all the things that have happened to the Inhumans of late, the last thing they need is to lose their Queen to war and madness, but sadly, that’s how it looks like it is going to be.

Which is where Charles Soule really won me over in this issue.

And then there’s the whole narrative with Reader and Xiaoyi in Venice, which has gotten me ever more curious about what is happening with Ennilux and just what their goals are, and how really these two characters fit into the whole paradigm. Towards the end of the last issue, we saw that Xiaoyi was supposed to be sacrificed to allow Ennilux’s leader, the Capo, to live on in a new a body through a matter of… soul transference. And we saw Reader learn this and play the hero to get her out since that’s not the kind of thing he signed up for when he agreed to bring NuHumans to Ennilux, ostensibly to keep them safe.

And now all that too has been turned on its head, and life just became helluva more complicated for Reader, which was something that he too doesn’t need to happen in his life right now. He’s got his own problems without having to take on more, and I’m beginning to really like his character and that of Xiaoyi, who was absolutely brilliant in this issue I believe.

Ryan is the artist here with Richard Isanove on colours and VC’s Clayton Cowles on the letters with Ryan on the cover as well. The only thing that I think negatively impacts an otherwise great cover is that the design used for Medusa is her old one, and not the AXIS inverted design with the black outfit and tightly-bound hair. Otherwise though, I really liked the art, especially the fight scene between Spidey and Medusa, which was all kinds of fantastic. Though her hair are bound-up these days and not free-flowing anymore, they are just as potent weapons now as they have been before, if not more, and Medusa is someone who will very well kill you with those hair too. The colours are, by and large, great too, and the scenes in Venice really bring out some of the best from Richard, which is what I wanted to see here.

A great issue by any measure. And after that final page, looks like the status quo is changing once again.

Rating: 9/10

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