Wonder Woman ’77 #1 (Comics Review)

The Wonder Woman from the 1970s probably stands as one of the best comics adaptation for television to date, same as the Adam West-starrer Batman show. Both have become classics over time, imprinting themselves in pop culture for decades. And also because this show was Wonder Woman’s first ever television series, and also the first frontliner DC female hero to transition to the medium, if I’m not mistaken. And by that I mean the first series where Wonder Woman was Wonder Woman. In recent years, what with DC’s revival of the Batman show with tie-in comics and the widespread digital releases, it seems that one of Lynda Carter’s greatest projects is indeed coming back.

And in a big way too! Last week saw the release of Wonder Woman ’77 #1, which is set about halfway in the show’s continuity, which itself ran from 1975 to 1979. Just seeing the cover by Nicola Scott and Annette Kwok is enough to give you a huge dose of excitement, and the internal artwork by Drew Johnson & Co and the writing by Marc Andreyko also prove well worth all that emotional investment. I never saw the show properly, but from what bits and pieces I remember, I think the series is off to a great start with a great team.

Wonder Woman '77 001

The issue starts off with Wonder Woman fighting off some crazy hipster female Russian skaters in order to get a Russian scientist defector to safety. It is a great, action-charged sequence with some great dialogue that is indeed very reminiscent of the show. And I really loved the line where Wonder Woman said that she isn’t an American, but a citizen of the world, thereby establishing her as not just a “local” hero but a global one. Now, if Marc Andreyko can really deliver on that by eventually giving us stories set in the rest of the world, then I’ll be quite happy. Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #19 from a couple weeks back had a single-shot adventure where Diana was in the Middle East, helping some American troops, and I thought it was great.

From the great opening sequence, we transition to some related matters as Agent Diana Prince (Wonder Woman’s civilian identity for those who are not aware) and Agent Trevor get on the hunt for another defector scientist who has been partying it hard in New York of late. The issue leaves off a little after that, but not before we get to see some great 70s-ish camaraderie between these two lead characters and see just what kind of cool, laid-back people they are.

And that’s the thing. Marc portrays both Diana and Steve as pretty laid-back characters. When the situation calls for it, they are serious enough, but they also know how to have a little fun. After all, if two government agents have to go undercover at a nightclub to get to a target, they better know how to have fun! That is a vital requirement of the mission even!

Ultimately, this comic proves to be a heavy dose of nostalgia, as far as the writing is concerned (more on the art later). Reading through, I had this urge to go get the old show and binge-watch it immediately. I think that Marc Andreyko does a really good job of portraying all the characters and that he also has a neat little story at hand here. The ending is a bit weird since I don’t get the reference about the character who makes her debut, so I’m hoping that there’s an explanation in the next issue at some point, because the character herself looks like quite the interesting one and I do want to see how she matches up against the Amazon Princess.

The art here is by Drew Johnson, with colours by Romulo Fajardo Jr., letters by Wes Abbott and the cover by Nicola and Annette. The art team here is pretty stellar actually. While I loved the attention to characterwork detail that Drew brought with his pencils, I think it was Romulo’s colours that really shined here. I mean, there’s this nice flashy/glossy look to the artwork at times, and I think it works well in the second half at the nightclub. And of course, the characters do resemble their real-life/show counterparts so it is easy to pick out who is who.

Damn fantastic job on all angles!

Rating: 9.5/10


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