Tomb Raider #12 (Comics Review)

Last month saw the start of a new arc on Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider. Lara is currently starring in a small stage production of Pride & Prejudice by her friend Jonah, a character carried over from the Tomb Raider game. In the midst of it all we also got to see some more fallout from the previous arc, something that earned her a major nemesis, a man with a real drive to find her and destroy her, someone who is as afraid of her as he wants to kill her. It was a fairly good issue in most respects, and I definitely liked the overall change in pace as well.

Tomb Raider #11 picks up a bit after the previous issue left off, and we see that Lara is back in London and working with her friend Jonah in a theatre production, Pride and Prejudice no less unless I’m mistaken, and things are not working so well for her since she’s a terrible actor. All of this sets in motion some new stuff for the character, which brings in another villain in her orbit, and it remains to be seen whether this new villain is going to be the all-out crazy variety or something else.

Right away, I’ll say that this issue is a good step-up from the previous issue. It has a better pacing for one, and it also really spends some time with its characters and truly fleshes out the story. With two writers working on the issue, it can all easily turn out to be not good, but Rhianna and Gail definitely know what they are doing here and though the execution has suffered a bit of late, the overall experience has been very positive.

Part of the reason I liked this issue so much is that it really spent some time on fleshing out how Lara can relate to a character from Pride & Prejudice, and the writers have the heroine confront some of her own shortcomings and beat them. She has been very conflicted of late, with all that went down and she is still in recovery mode, at best. But, this issue brings out the best in her and gives her some right proper action to do, though it can also feel a bit derivative.

But, that’s all part of the fun and in this issue we also see some great scenes that involve her running through London in her stage costume and kicking some bad-guy ass this time around. Sure, some of the action is derivative from the previous issue, but I didn’t mind it so much. Given the circumstances that the fight takes place in, I think there was sufficiently unique about the whole big fight scene.

The real kicker here was what happens to the guy who was stalking her in the last issue. That part was truly messed up, but in a good way. He is a true fanatic, and he impresses that on Lara in a pretty emphatic way in this issue, which brings to an end this current arc, leaving Lara and Sam and Jonah and the others to pick up in another arc later this month. Lara has been accumulating lots of different enemies since the start of this series and while they have come and gone somewhat randomly so far, I also liked that the writers have always kept the focus straight-up on what happened to Lara on Yamatai in Tomb Raider.

It seems that the island has cast a long and wide shadow on her life, and it is not over yet, not for good.

Nicolás Daniel Selma is the artist here with Juan Gedeon on inks, Michael Atiyeh on colours, Michael Heisler on the letters and Brian Horton on the cover art. Nico’s art kind of takes a hit in this issue in some panels, where Lara’s expressions are really off, but by and large he delivers a great experience in keeping with how his art has been in recent issues. And Juan and Michael Atiyeh have also contributed well, really expanding on the mood and vibe of the story, bringing the characters and lots and lots of details to the fore.

I guess the next issue is certainly going to be rather interesting now!

Rating; 9/10

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  1. While I enjoyed the first Tomb Raider story arc, I dropped this series in the middle of the Chernobyl storyline; wasn’t really a fan of it. Is it worth checking it out again?


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