Agent Carter Season 1 Ep 7 (TV Show Review)

And so here we are. Six episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter have really primed me up for the unfolding history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as told through the eyes of the people who were there in the earliest of days: Peggy Carter and Howard Stark. Last week, Peggy was put in a really bad position when Agent Sousa finally connected the dots and identified her as the blonde-haired woman who had been interfering with the SSR’s hunt for Howard Stark. It was a rather emotional episode that also saw some great action, and it just made me all the more excited for this week’s episode..

Titled “Snafu“, this week’s episode delves into the whole “myth” of Agent Carter the war-hero as Chief Dooley and Agents Thompson and Sousa grill Carter over her involvement with Stark and his missing weapons. It is a really touching extended sequence since Carter gets to throw their misogynistic BS in their faces at every single opportunity and forces them to confront the fact that they were all full of themselves whenever it came to dealing with her. And then there’s the whole great stuff with Dr. Ivchenko and Dottie, both revealed as Leviathan agents last week, and with the finale next week, they are finally going to make their big move.

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After the revelation that Bridget Regan’s character Dottie Underwood was a Leviathan agent along the likes of Black Widow, I was really hoping that this week would get to some super-awesome action like the teaser we got a couple weeks or so back. More so since she is said to be Peggy’s foil in this series, a female agent like her, though one with much more recognition and importance in the organization she works for. But, sadly, that doesn’t happen in this episode. We get to see some creepy stuff with Dottie where she plans some kind of an attack on the SSR, but that’s about it. Rather tame actually, considering.

But fortunately, the rest of the episode focused on how the SSR top brass interrogates Peggy, trying to break her into confessing that she was Howard Stark’s accomplice and everything. Which isn’t that far from the truth, but is still pretty far away since she was indeed his accomplice but for wholly different reasons than the men believe. And that’s what I loved about this episode. As I said, she gets to throw their misogynistic BS in their faces, exposing their negative bias towards her, seeing her only as a pretty face to fetch coffee and take lunch orders and bring in reports, or as the stray cat left on their door for some hand-holding. The men remain silent for much of that, as they should, and I think that Chris Dingess did some really incredible work there.

Most of all, it was nice to see as well that the agency wasn’t completely blinkered when it came to her. Thompson recognized that something didn’t add up with the evidence that they had, and both Chief Dooley and Sousa were also confused up to a point. Sure, much of the confusion stems from the fact that none of them saw her as an agent and thus couldn’t believe that she carried on her own investigation into Stark’s missing technology on her own without agency support, but that’s kind of besides the point when you consider everything that has happened since they became aware of her…. skills. After all, the woman they never saw as an agent capable of being in the field put some of their best men in the hospital when they came to arrest her, and she also proved herself two weeks back when Thompson led a team into Russia to investigate a Leviathan operation.

The whole coming clean thing for Peggy was as emotional for me as it was for her, I’ll dare say. Through the past six episodes, we have seen how she often gets sidelined for things, and how every man around her underestimates her, especially her friends Jarvis and Howard most of all. She has struggled and struggled against impossible odds, getting out only with the the most daring of attempts and some high level of bullheadedness about things. And now she has to lay it all out for all those around her. And the woman packs one hell of a solid punch.

That’s what this whole show has been about. It puts a relatively little-known figure into a place of prominence and it ends up delivering some great social commentary (though that can be a bit too heavy-handed sometimes) and also firmly establishes the role of the titular character within the context of this series. Given everything though, there was this one scene that really brought me to tears, relating to a previous episode where Howard lied to Peggy about the nature of an item he wanted her to steal from the SSR, one of his inventions confiscated by the agency back around episode three if I recall correctly. So much emotion in that entire scene, cementing Peggy’s credibility in yet another way where the rest of the cast is concerned.

And as for Dottie herself and Dr. Ivchenko, I was a bit put off by their scenes since neither character got to do anything significant other than just being helluva creepy, which is normal for villains I guess. But at the same time, I found these scenes to be significant, largely because of what they imply about the SSR protocols since they seem to be rather lax on the security front. I mean, Ivchenko is communicating with Dottie in broad daylight from Chief Dooley’s own office window! What the hell man? Nicholas Fury would never get caught with his pants down like that. Just goes to show how this earlier era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so different from the one that we are much more familiar with.

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And perhaps that is indeed the reason for the SHIELD incentive, to turn the SSR into a full-on spy-security agency with far-reaching powers, internationally so, and just go on form there.

However, a question arises that is tied to the very nature of this episode: just how is all of that going to be fit into next week’s episode since that’s the finale for the first season? As far as I know, a second season has not be renewed and the show’s ratings have dwindled with each episode after a fairly strong opening back in January. I mean, Peggy Carter right now is not the Peggy Carter from that one Agents of SHIELD flashback where she walked into a HYDRA facility in Europe with the Howling Commandos and other US troopers in tow and took everything in for the SSR.

I can only hope that the finale is an extended one! And in the meantime, this episode was definitely great. Could have been better in some areas, but what we got was more than good enough, so I’m not complaining!

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