IXth Generation #2 (Comics Review)

Matt Hawkins and Stjepan Sejic’s IXth Generation, the next phase in the future-set Aphrodite IX storyline, finally kicked off last month and proved to be one hell of a comic. In retrospect and time-context, it definitely beat most of my expectation. Which I’m honestly quite happy for, since I wanted this book to be good and the first issue did not disappoint me.Weaving in a story with the IXs and their fight against The Darkness with Aphrodite IX and Hephaestus IX leading the way, the first issue was an intense story about fighting ancient monsters and confronting your own weaknesses. Great concept that.

In this past week’s IXth Generation #2, we follow on from the events of the first issue as Aph and Heph break out from Sanctuary XIII to get back to Earth, while at the same time we also see the flashbacks that portray the life of the IXs following the Ascension, when they all took control of the Earth from the two warring states of Speros City and Genesis, establishing their own dominance over the world. The story here is much more intense this time and on several different levels too, and that makes for one hell of a read. Not to mention Stjepan’s amazing visuals as usual.

The IXs are all undisputed masters of the world now. The “natives” are pretty much all taken care of and are no longer a threat of any kind. In fact, the only threat to the IXs, as far as they are aware of, is from each other and since they are all siblings, there is a fair amount of competition between them on all sorts of levels that filters out into open rivalries and antagonism. And that makes IXth Generation #2 a really good read from a political standpoint since we see how the differences in age and gender affect their decision-making skills. And they all fight as much as any siblings the world over do.

The core story here is of how the IXs divided the world between them and then settled into their various territories, while at the same time we also see how the reappearance of the ancient threat known as The Darkness affects their present and what all they can do about it. Or not do about it. More than anything else, Matt Hawkins’ characterization of all the different IXs was superb here, and I think that Apollo, Velocity and Hephaestus got the best deal here, not to mention Hades and her own complicated schemes. If you’ve wanted to know more about the IXs, then this issue is a definite must read given how much it covers, in general.

Another great thing here is how Matt continues to build up Aphrodite IX as a character, comparing her to her own “descendants”, the Aphrodite XVs who are her… subjects, so to speak. This all goes that much further to emphasize that because of her interactions with the people of Speros City and Genesis prior to the Ascension, she is a much different person than the rest of her siblings. Not to mention that she is also the only one not to have been cloned yet, except for a couple others. That creates an interesting status-mark between all of them that Matt takes advantage of in full.

Matt really takes the time to establish Aphrodite IX as a singular person, and the character’s monologues definitely bear that out, especially when she self-reflects on how the times have changed in the 25 years since Ascension, and what the state of things is like where her fight against The Darkness is concerned, not to mention the fact that she is now the bearer of the Witchblade as well.

Stjepan’s art here is really dynamic and vivid, as it has always been across his many different books. It amazes me to see that not only is he turning out some great artwork on IXth Generation, but that he’s also doing the same on his creator-owned titled Death Vigil, which was a breakout hit for me last year and continues to be awesome. The scenes of the fight against the monsters of The Darkness, the facial expressions among the IXs whenever they get together for their meetings, and the general characterwork and backgrounds are impressive as well. This comic is a must-read just because of the art alone.

I want more of this every month!

Rating: 9.5/10

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