Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Ep 18 (TV Show Review)

Last week, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow did something rather daring that I didn’t expect, twice. Not only was Henry killed off in the penultimate episode of the second season, but we also had Katrina travel back in the past to change history because of the circumstances of Henry’s death. What should have been a really emotional episode was perhaps less so, but I think the daring aspect of it kept me hooked. And it did have a sense of impending finality to it, so in retrospect it was kind of clear the route that the writers might take, but it was still pretty surprising.

This week’s episode “Tempus Fugit“, the second season finale, shows what Katrina hopes to achieve in the past, what particular outcome she wants to change so that she can have a life with Jeremy (Henry) that she’s always wanted and the lack of which turned him to his dark past. In terms of action, the episode definitely packs a big punch, but in terms of character development, it isn’t anywhere as impressive, and a particular decision of the writers in the final few minutes definitely did not work for me either.

In comparison to the season one finale, there are some obvious shortcomings of the season two finale. For one, it lacks an appropriate cliffhanger of the kind we saw the last time. Second, it just doesn’t have as much of a punch where the character development is concerned, except that Abby and Ichabod’s roles are kinda reversed with this episode, due to some rather obvious reasons.

Blaming Ichabod for Henry’s death and mad with grief, Katrina used the power of the Grand Grimoire last week to travel back to the Revolutionary War in order to change history: she would make sure that the Horseman of Death killed Ichabod during their fated and prophesied encounter, thereby ensuring that he would never survive to be placed in time-stasis and emerge into 2013. It is kind of a really bonkers thing to do, especially since I really didn’t like how Katrina has been treated the last few weeks, and this was the final straw in many ways.

Sure, Katia Winter makes the best of the material that she is given and does her utmost to inject some much-needed life into the story, but then again, the focus was curiously almost never on her in this episode. She is mostly relegated to the “absolutely needed” scenes and does nothing substantial in the episode other than brokering a deal with Abraham to kill Ichabod. The whole maddened with grief thing doesn’t really take hold in this episode, and that’s really disappointing since the writers had a really interesting opportunity here but it was all squandered.

On the other hand, it was cool to see Abby and Ichabod going over the whole “first meeting” thing in such different circumstances. Some rather typical time-travel shenanigans and explanations aside, their interactions here were more than fun, especially when characters like Benjamin Franklin and Grace Dixon stepped in. A lot of what was built on before in this season and the one prior is given some screen-time in “Tempus Fugit” and much of it comes across really well, such as the references to when Grace’s spirit helped Abby some time back, or the Kindred undead warrior that Benjamin worked on during the Revolutionary War. So many things, and so little time.

What really works against this episode, I think, is that the story entire isn’t really given a lot of time to breathe. We start off with Abby in the stockade and Ichabod coming to visit her. We end with the heroes having won the day. In the middle of everything, all we have is an intense pace that, while it keeps things going, doesn’t really allow you take a moment’s pause and digest everything. If this episode had actually been split into two episodes, and we’d gotten to see more of what happened in the Revolutionary War, then it would have worked out that much better I’m thinking.

Because thing is, an expanded story would have been able to fit in Katrina properly, to allow her to deal with her grief outside of being a backstabbing wife and friend. She is a really great character, and she deserved a lot better too, but I suppose it is what it is. So much potential has been wasted in Katrina in this season, and the end of her arc for season two did not inspire in me any confidence that things are going to improve any for her. Highly regrettable because I believe that had she been given the proper care and attention by the writers, then she would really have been an amazing character, able to do far more than be a psychopathic wife or a magical macguffin or what have you.

So many different ways that this episode could have gone together, to be honest, and most of them better than what did happen.

Sleepy Hollow Cast 00002

As I said above, the finale is nowhere near the same level of awesome as the season one finale. That one was pretty much perfect and had a mind-blowing cliffhanger that completely changed the balance of power for Team Witness. No such luck in this episode, and so, it is what it is, even if that is rather regrettable.

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