The Flash Season 1 Ep 15 (TV Show Review)

We currently live in one of the greatest periods in comics history. First, superhero movies have become the real BIG thing on the box office and there are several studios scrambling to get a slice of the big pie it is and create some lasting legacies. Second, superhero television has continued to grow at a breakneck pace in the last three years, surpassing most expectations I dare say, even after all the previous greats that we’ve already had. And leading the charge for superhero television right now is CW’s The Flash, which has done much to incorporate comic-book concepts in a realistic way for the audience and also balance the humour and the grim realities really well.

About a month ago, The Flash left us off with a great episode that did much to cement the place of yet another superhero in the incredible line-up of CW’s other characters, Firestorm. The episode also finally gave us a good view of Gorilla Grodd, in an epic scene that involved Harrison Wells and General Eiling as well. Returning this week, the show kind of got back to the basics as Clyde Mardon’s brother Mark Mardon returned to Starling to avenge his brother’s death, while also moving forward with the whole “identity of the Reverse-Flash” plot that has been swinging about in the story for a good while now.

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In the early episodes of this “young” show, Barry’s super-powered enemies were dealt with by killing them off. Then later the concept was introduced where the villains were locked up in containment cells salvaged out of the remains of the particle accelerator, somewhere in the catacombs beneath Star Labs, and suddenly we had a supervillain prison on the show. Which is kind of awesome, and does raise some concerns about unlawful arrests and what not, but hey, comic book stuff right?

This week’s villain, Mark Mardon, has a serious hate-on for Joe, mostly because Joe killed Mark’s brother back in the series premiere, and so, combined with the fact that Mark’s weather powers are so much more powerful than Clyde’s, we have one of the most dangerous of all villains we have seen on the show yet. Plus we also have the debut of the weather wand that is a staple of the villain Weather Wizard from the comics, and I think that Mark is well on his way to becoming that villain. He, more than anyone else on the show, definitely deserves that moniker (with respect to his powers of course), and I foresee a great future with him becoming a part of the Rogues alongside Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Golden Glider. And the Trickster of course. That’s gonna be a hell of a lot of man.

But in the meantime, we have some great action going on in the show this week, with lots of emotional drama happening at the same time. Linda takes Iris to task for beating around the bush with her feelings for Barry and for being bitchy to her before. When Captain Singh gets hurt during one of Mark’s rampages, we have his fiance turn up in the aftermath, and it was so good to see an example of a same sex couple on the show. The writers didn’t make a big thing out of it and just rolled with it, and it was nice to see that the main characters like Joe and Barry were also cool with it. That always helps! We also had Iris and Barry finally lay out their deeper feelings for each other, which was a bit weird at first, but turned into something I could get behind.

And then there was the whole thing with the Reverse-Flash plot this week. Cisco has had it in him to investigate what happened in the containment field during the mid-season finale, pushed on by somethings that are said to him this week, and what he has been told previously, and we see a big moment happen during this meta-story plot: Harrison Wells reveals himself as the Reverse-Flash to Cisco. And we know what happens to those that Wells makes this revelation too. So many people have fallen to the wayside because of this big damn secret, and it happens yet again.

However, at the same time, we also got to see what kind of a villain Wells is. He isn’t a moustache-twirler who is out for kicks. Yes, he is a villain and there are some things that go along with that, but he is so much more. And his relationship to Cisco is something that gains a lot of momentum this week. Some of the scenes that we have seen more, well, they get to make a difference this week. Seeing their dynamic come to the fore like this, well, it did bring a tear to my eye. What Wells does is unconscionable, but it makes sense in a twisted way, so I will roll with that puch. Especially since something happens at the end of the episode that mitigates that. And it was something that I knew was going to happen anyway since CW release a teaser reel for the rest of the season before the episode aired and that gave away some spoilers already.

I think the consequences are more in the range of what happens along the journey to that point rather than the end result. There are two characters that we have seen to date whom Wells considers to be exceptional and even mirrors for himself. One was Hartley Rathaway of course, and the other is Cisco. Hopefully, what happens to Cisco this week is eventually going to move him towards his own arc of becoming the superhero Vibe later on, and I can’t wait to see what happens on that front.

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In addition to all of that was something more significant this week: Barry gaining a new power. Or rather, one aftereffect of his high-speed running: the creation of a speed-mirage. The question of course is, is it really a speed-mirage as Wells says it is, or is it something more. The final minute or so of the episode firmly answers that question, but it is great to see Barry thrown for a loop on that front, in a way that proves very exciting to the viewers who may have some idea for what it really is, if you read the comics that is.

Suffice to say, the new episode this week was really good. It had almost everything that I could have wanted out of it, and then some. The writers took some really big risks this week when they didn’t have to, and they made it all work. They are moving a bit too fast in some areas I think but all the same, they are doing such a good job with all of it that I’m totally ready for anything at this point. They keep surpassing my expectations, and that’s what I care about so much more than anything else.

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