Adventures in Magic the Gathering Part 2

A while back I did a small recap of my small forays into the world of Magic the Gathering CCG and I mentioned how exciting and fun I found the whole experience to be, despite my complete lack of familiarity or even any kind of expertise with the game. But that certainly hasn’t stopped me at all ever since. To date, I’ve done a number of events, including two prereleases (for the Fate Reforged and Dragons of Tarkir sets) and a Game Day, and I feel that I’m slowly starting to become a better player.

And that’s what it is all about, becoming a better player through experience. I make mistakes often, such as deciding when to play lands, or pulling off certain combos or what have you and often it comes back to bite me in the ass real bad. There are so many times when I’ve lost straight games, and even losing to the same person in four different events and all of them without a win to my name. But not so big a deal. Last time I talked about mostly my plays in competitive games. This time, I’m gonna talk about some of my favourite cards from the new set, Dragons of Tarkir, that I’ve been having a blast with.

dragonlorddromokaI didn’t get to play with Dragonlord Dromoka during the prerelease events since I didn’t pull it in my packs then, but I did get one from the Dragons of Tarkir booster box I bought later, and then traded in for two more of the same. And I love this card. Limited play so far, mostly against my wife’s mardu aggro deck (which is still in the process of being finessed, largely because I’m missing a lot of cards), but I’m in love. Huge threat and when you combo it with Dromoka, the Eternal from Fate Reforged, it yields some big results. I’m toying with bringing back Gods Willing in my deck to save the card in the late game during my opponent’s turns, so we’ll see what happens then. The Middle East Film And Comic Con is this coming weekend, and I’m hoping to attend and play some games. Will see there what happens!

anafenzaspiritofthefamilytreeI was actually lucky in that I pulled a promo foil version of this card in my prerelease pool, and while during spoiler weeks I didn’t like the card so much, in the prerelease rounds this card made all the difference, when I actually drew it. We played 4 rounds, and I only drew the new Anafenza in one of those rounds, though in all three games. Winning that third round owed a lot to Anafenza coming in and doing her superb bolster thing, which seemed to be quite powerful in limited. My deck was geared to be a bolster deck anyway, so I guess that’s a good home for the new Anafenza. My new standard deck is totally a counters-matter deck and the new Anafenza has a good home in it. Certainly, she always seems to make a difference.

Though, I still lament that she is nowhere near as good as her Khans of Tarkir version, which is an incredibly efficient card with two rather relevant abilities. But I’ll take what I get. And I love the art on it too, which I think is pretty fantastic, especially if you pair it up with the latest Uncharted Realms story that Wizards put out last week and which you can read here.

dromokascommandThis has been a card that has been making all sorts of waves at competitive events last weekend and this one as well. Superbly efficient card at 2 CMC which does a whole lot of different things to help GWx decks against all sorts of other decks. The most relevant is definitely mode #2 given the prevalence of enchantments across the board and this proves some maindeck capabilities so that’s nothing to scoff at all. Modes #3 and #4 however are equally important and in the SCG Syracuse event ongoing right now (as of writing this article), it has been a stellar card for players like Tom “the Boss” Ross and his Bant Heroic deck which has always been a closer or with Jesse Grogan’s nearly straight-up Abzan Aggro deck. I’m running two of these beauties so far, since I’m still waiting to pull the other two or trade them in, but I’ve been impressed with it as well and I can’t see a future in which I don’t play this card in my deck. It is just too good and I might even just pull out my Abzan Charms in favour of running a full playset of this.

pacifismUnfortunately I only pulled one of these in my prerelease pools and my removal was also pretty light for that entire session, so I stumbled often against my opponents, but when this card worked, it worked really well. It can totally lock down most creatures and they stay locked unless the opposing player has some kind of enchantment removal. Attacks from a totally different angle I think, and while it sucks to be on the receiving end of this one (I put a full playset in my wife’s deck, to my eternal chagrin), getting to play this against a major threat is a great feeling, and that’s all that I really care about.

scaleguardsentinelsThe double green cost means that the card is hard to pull off, but when this goes off for full effect, it really does go off. Attacking with a 3/4 on turn 3 can’t be scoffed at and this card did wonders for me during the prerelease and in games since then. I think that in a counters-matter deck especially, this card fits right in, and is at least worth a 2-of. It is just too good in that regard. The reveal is going to kind of suck since you are usually going to pack a Dromoka (either version) and your opponent can just save up for that, but still, letting Scaleguard Sentinels run off for a few turns is not recommended. Bad for the opponent’s health, certainly!

And that’s all I have for this time. Will be sure to put up something else soon!


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