About Me

About Me

Long-time science-fiction/fantasy geek, and lover of most things Star Wars and Warhammer, I am also a writer and a blogger. On my blog Shadowhawk’s Shade I talk about all things geeky like books, comics, movies, TV shows, anime, etc and when I am not blogging I work on my writing. My first publishing credit is an Indian urban fantasy short story for Tim Marquitz and Tyson Mauermann’s anthology Manifesto: UF. I currently have a sequel novella to the short story on submission and I am also working on an Indian space opera that I describe as Star Trek meets Black Hawk Down. In addition to all of that I am also a senior reviewer for The Founding Fields, a review blog I help run with several friends.

You can follow me on twitter as well – @abhinavjain87.

Note: If you want me to review your book(s), then feel free to email me with the subject tag: “Book Reviews” (this is important!). The address is abhinavjain87 at gmail dot com. I make no guarantees about being able to fit you in but we can work things around should I find the premise interesting.

  1. I’m going to follow you on Twitter. I’m @jelliotfiction

    I’d noticed you’d read one book from Eternal Press, I have a novel printed with their ‘darker half’ Damnation Books. I write fantasy fiction with dark highlights. I’m looking for reviewers for my second book. I couldn’t find your contact info, so here is my page–http://jakeelliotfiction.com/my-book/

    Crossing Mother’s Grave is my latest book, I’m sure you will like it by the reviews I’ve seen of yours. Privately, you have my contact information with this message. Please let me know if it is something that interests you, and I’ll send to you a copy.



  2. Dude, you are a MACHINE, the way you get these reviews out. Awesome stuff, man.


  3. I just came across your blog today. I have been perusing it, and great stuff, indeed. Keep on keepin’ on. See ya ’round the web.


  4. As someone who’s read the light novel, I like your take on Lord Marksman and Vanadis! I can see how Titta can be annoying to some. Are you going to go through the season?


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