Reading Awards – 2012

Reading Awards – 2012

Given all the reading I’m doing this year, I thought it’d be a nice idea to share with people exactly what I’ve enjoyed the most each month. Tweeting about this stuff is great fun but its not quite permanent, which is the point of this page. So here you go. If you do pick up any of these novels or audio dramas or comics or what have you, then do drop me a line on twitter or on the blog!


Top 3: Legion of the Damned by Rob Sanders, Horus Heresy #18: Deliverance Lost by Gav Thorpe, and Empire State by Adam Christopher.

Honourable Mention: Carpathia by Matt Forbeck, Thorn and Talon by Dan Abnett, and Night’s Masque Volume 1: Alchemist of Souls by Anne Lyle.


Top 3: Riyria Revelations #6: Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan, Horus Heresy #19: Know No Fear by Dan Abnett, and Iron Warriors: The Omnibus by Graham McNeill.

Honourable MentionStargate SG-1: Savarna by Sally Malcolm, Knight of the Blazing Sun by Josh Reynolds, and X-wing #1: Rogue Squadron by Michael Stackpole.


Top 3Jane Carver of Waar by Nathan Long, Horus Heresy #20: The Primarchs by Various Authors, and Judge Dredd: Code Red by Jonathan Clements.

Honourable MentionThe Widdershins Adventures #1: Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell, Stargate SG-1: First Prime by James Swallow, and Stargate Atlantis: Impressions by Scott Andres.


Top 3Ullsaard #1: Crown of The Blood by Gav Thorpe, Egil & Nix #1: The Hammer and The Blade by Paul S. Kemp, and The Black Plague #1: Dead Winter by C. L. Werner.

Honourable MentionKatharoi #1: Miserere by Teresa Frohock, Champion of Mars by Guy Haley, and The Collectors #1: Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm.


Top 3Ulrika the Vampire #3: Bloodsworn by Nathan Long, Amortals by Matt Forbeck, and The Emperor’s Gift by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.

Honourable MentionErevis Cale #3: Midnight’s Mask by Paul S. Kemp, Ultramarines #6: The Chapter’s Due by Graham McNeill, and Eddie LaCrosse #4: Wake of The Bloody Angel by Alex Bledsoe.

Top 3 [Comics]: Kill Shakespeare by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris Volume 2: Pirate Queen of Mars by Arvid Nelson, and G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero #176 by Larry Hama.

Honourable Mention [Comics]: Dark Reign: Dark Avengers Volume #1 by Brian Michael Bendis, and Dark Avengers: Ares by Kieron Gillen.


Top3: Particle Horizon by Selso Xisto, Valkia the Bloody by Sarah Cawkwell, and Obsidian & Blood by Aliette de Bodard

Honourable Mention: The Macharian Crusade #1: Angel of Fire by William King, Brave New World #1: Revolution by Matt Forbeck, and The Shard Axe #2: Skein of Shadows by Marsheila Rockwell

Top 3 [Comics]: New 52: Batman #1-10 by Scott Snyder, Warlord of Mars Volume 1 by Arvid Nelson, and Magic: The Gathering – Spell Thief #1 by Matt Forbeck

Honourable Mention [Comics]: Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1 by Darwyn Cooke and Amana Conner, New 52: Wonder Woman #1-10 by Brian Azzarello, and G.I.Joe Cobra Command Volume 1 by Chuck Dixon


Top 3: Wall of Night #1: Heir of Night by Helen Lowe, Eli Monpress #1: Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron, and War of the Spider Queen by Richard Lee Byers, Thomas A. Reid and Richard Baker.

Honourable Mentions: Priests of Mars by Graham McNeill, Veiled Worlds #1: Debris by Joanne Anderton, and Perfection by Nick Kyme.

Top 3 [Comics]Dungeons & Dragons Volume 1: Shadowplague by John Rogers, New 52: Earth 2 #1-3 by James Robinson, and Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 by Darwyn Cooke and Amanda Conner.

Honourable Mention [Comics]: Hypernaturals #1 by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, New 52: Green Lantern #9 by Geoff Johns, and Spider-Men #1-3 by Brian Michael Bendis.


Top 3: Horus Heresy #21: Fear To Tread by James Swallow, Dragon Apocalypse #1: Greatshadow by James Maxey, and Brave New World #2: Revelation by Matt Forbeck.

Honourable Mention: Wild Hunt #1: Songs of the Earth by Elspeth Cooper, Horus Heresy: Grey Angel by John French, and Horus Heresy #22: Shadows of Treachery by Various.

Top 3 [Comics]: New 52: Nightwing #1-6 by Kyle Higgins, Battle Beasts #1-2 by Bobby Curnow, and Danger Girl & G.I.Joe #1 by Andy Hartnell.

Honourable Mention [Comics]: G.I.Joe Cobra Command Volume 2 by Chuck Dixon, Immortal – Demon in the Blood by Fumi Nakamura/Ian Edginton, and New 52: Justice League #1-6 by Geoff Johns.


Top 3 – Seven Wonders  by Adam Christopher, Shattered Sigil #1: The Whitefire Crossing by Courtney Schafer, and Poltergeeks by Sean Cummings.

Honourable MentionsBrave New World #3: Resolution  by Matt Forbeck, Treacheries of the Space Marines by Various, and Tales of the Nun & Dragon by Various.

Top 3 [Comics]: New 52: Earth 2 #0 by James Robinson, Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #3 by Darwyn Cooke, and Artifacts Vol.1 by Ron Marz.

Honourable Mention [Comics]: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #2 by James Robinson, Danger Girl/G.I.Joe #2-3 by Andy Hartnell, andNew 52: Green Lantern #0 by Geoff Johns.


Top 3 – The Dead of Winter by Lee Collins, Star Wars: The Old Republic #4 – Annihilation by Drew Karpyshyn, and Jane Carver #2: Swords of Waar by Nathan Long.

Honourable MentionsDeus Ex: Icarus Effect by James Swallow, Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan, and and The Collector #2: The Wrong Goodbye by Chris F. Holm.

Top 3 [Comics]: Grimm Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland #1-6 by Raven Gregory, New 52: Birds of Prey #1-6 by Duane Swierczynski, and Angel & Faith Volume 2 by Christos Gage.

Honourable Mention [Comics]: New 52: I, Vampire by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Infinity Saga: Thanos Quest Vol.1 by Jim Starlin, and New 52: Teen Titans #1-6 by Scott Lobdell.


Top3novTop 3: Flesh of Cretacia by Andy Smillie, Spin The Sky by Katy Stauber, and Shotguns & Sorcery #1: Hard Times In Dragon City by Matt Forbeck

hbnovHonourable Mention: Jessica McClain #1: Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson, Darksiders: The Abomination Vault by Ari Marmell, and Pantheon #4: Age of Aztec by James Lovegrove

top3nov2Top 3 [Comics]: The Darkness: Rebirth Volume 1 by David Hine, Superman Earth One Volume 2 by J. Michael Straczynski, and Planetoid #2 by Ken Garing.

hbnov2Honourable Mention [Comics]: Magic The Gathering: Spell Thief #4 by Matt Forbeck, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Vol.2 #10 by Brian Michael Bendis, and New 52: Batman #14 by Scott Snyder


Top3DecTop 3: Brimstone Angels by Erin M. Evans, Night’s Masque Volume 2: Merchant of Dreams by Anne Lyle, and, Siege of Castellax by C. L. Werner.

hbdecHonourable Mention: Pantomime by Laura Lam, Dredd Omnibus by Various, and, Shadowstorm #2: Hammer of Angels by G. T. Almasi.

Top3Dec2Top 3 [Comics]: Marvel Now: Thor, God of Thunder #3 by Jason Aaron, Before Watchmen: Minutemen #4 by Darwyn Cooke, and, Aquaman #15 by Geoff Johns.

hbdec2Honourable Mention [Comics]: Prophecy #5 by Ron Marz, Saga #8 by Brian K. Vaughan, and, Fables #1 by Bill Willingham.

  1. Wooow! You are are readermonster! (from moi a pizza monster!) @laxmi


    • Love being a readermonster 🙂 Was also a pizzamonster myself back in college. Fun times. Now I’m just the occasional pizza lover due to diet reasons 😦


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