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Debris by Jo Anderton (Book Review)

2012Ā  was the year when I really got back into reading on a regular consistent basis, and I started the year off by reading some great novels from Angry Robot. Throughout the year, I read a number of the publisher’s titles, old and new alike, and one of these was award-winning author Jo Anderton’s Debris, the first in her Veiled Worlds series. Coincidentally, Jo’s award was for Debris itself and when I got done reading it, I could definitely see why it did, because it truly is a fantastic read with a rather unique take on things. Recommended reading!

In light of The Founding Fields currently suffering some major site issues, Iā€™m going to be reposting my reviews from the site to the blog, so enjoy away!

The original review can be found here.

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NANP: A Squishy Treasure Map

It’s another Angry Robot author on the blog today as Jo Anderton joins me on “Names: A New Perspective“. I read her first Veiled Worlds novel, Debris, earlier this year and I was quite taken with it. The whole Russian cultural dressing on her setting was really well done, neither too heavy, nor too light. A good balance. It definitely has been a year for some awesome Angry Robot novels as far as I’m concerned. When I invited Jo to do a guest post for the series, she wrote back with one of the best pieces I’ve read so far.

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Names: A New Perspective Part 2

A little late, but I finally have the schedule of posts down. Post-NaNoWriMo blues and a massive reviewing/reading backlog plus my Advent Reviews series has kept me rather busy. Which reminds me, I still need to do that NaNoWriMo “after-action” report too! Ack! You can read any of the previous posts by using the series tag: “Names A New Perspective“. The previous line-up of authors is here. So, without further ado, here you are.

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