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NANP: Names Are Fun

Joining me for the third installment of the Names: A New Perspective guest post series is author Kim Curran who sold her first novel earlier this year, an SF novel called Shift to Angry Robot Books’ brand-new Young Adult imprint Strange Chemistry. Shift was also Strange Chemistry’s one of two launch titles along with Gwenda Bond’s debut Blackwood last month. Shift has an awesome premise and I’m looking forward to getting around to reading it soon. I’ve had a good experience with the two Strange Chemistry title I’ve read already and I’ve got a third one on my list, Jonathan L. Howard’s Katya’s World. Let’s see what Kim has to say about picking names for her novel.

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The Names Schedule

Last time I announced that I had gotten in touch with a few debut authors from this year and the past about a series of guest posts for the blog – Names: A New Perspective. This was borne out of my fascination and interest for how I name things in my fiction, and how published authors do it as well. All the relevant details are all in that first post. Over the last few days I’ve received all the entries for the first wave of posts and I just wanted to share the schedule with all of you. The response has been excellent and I can’t thank the authors enough for their own interest.

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Names: A New Perspective

As I briefly mentioned in my August Report, I’ve been hammering out a series of guest posts on the blog, all written by debut authors of this year and the last and the one before. The topic is how the names of characters and places and other things within their novels (and other works where appropriate) fit into their setting, their relevance and their power. My own (old) thoughts on the matter can be found here and here. Here are the details of how I’m approaching all these guest posts.

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