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Arrow Season 2.5 #7 (Comics Review)

I remarked back in the review for Arrow Season 2.5 #6 that despite rumours, the digital-first issue didn’t quite feel like an end to the “Blood” arc. It rounded off with the heroes escaping the clutches of the Church of Blood and them discovering some disturbing things about the enemy, which came as a shock to them. It was a good story for sure though, and I especially liked the thrust of the Suicide Squad 2-page backup, which has been one hell of a tease so far in this series, some three months into Season 2.5, almost maddeningly so.

In Arrow Season 2.5 #7, we see how the arc hasn’t really ended and how there is much more of a story here than Marc Guggenheim previously hinted at. And we see the introduction of one of the villains introduced in an early episode of the third season of the show, which was a real surprise and not something I was expecting. Really though, this issue is all about Oliver exploring his own damaged and tortured psyche, even as we see how things are really heating up in Kahndaq and the setup for the Suicide Squad to go in guns blazing. Oh and did I mention that there are a ton of guest artists on this issue?

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Comics Picks For 29.10.2014

Hit the almost-magic number of 35 once again and though I have yet to repeat my personal best of 40, I think this was my best week regardless since I managed to read 31 singles and 4 graphic novels. That definitely counts as an achievement, yes?

My surprise hits for this week would be Tales of Honor #1 from Top Cow, Swamp Thing Annual #3 from DC, Inhuman #7, Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America #1  and Deathlok #1 all from Marvel. Those that count among this week’s top disappointments would be Conan the Avenger #7 from Dark Horse. Justice League United Annual #1 from DC. Others like Grimm Fairy Tales: Realm War #4 and Grimm Fairy Tales: Robyn Hood #3 from Zenescope, Wayward #3 from Image, The Flash Volume 2 from DC, and a bunch of others were as good as I expected them to be, probably better even.

The graphic novels for this week were Supergirl Volume 4 by Michael Alan Nelson and Diogenes Neves, The Flash Volume 2 by Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul, Krypton Returns by Various and Thanos: The Infinity Revelation by Jim Starlin.

Anyway, here’s another edition of “Comics Picks For…”. Full reading list, as always, is available here and all my comics reviews are available here.

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Comics Picks For 21.05.2014

My quest to push my reading habits week after week continued this week when I read 26 comics in all, which includes 23 individual issues and three graphic novels, two of which were larger than normal Fables trades. Those three trades proved to be the difference this week since my reading from the previous week was quite different. Plus, two of the issues I read this past week were from the same series so in the list of comics read, they count as one. Still, I had a ton of fun this week since I read the two (big) Fables trades back-to-back in less than an hour, which is pretty new for me.

The surprise hits of this week would definitely be Savage Wolverine #19 from Marvel and Angel & Faith Season 10 #2 from Dark Horse whereas the surprise flop would be DC’s Justice League #30 (just one this week as it happens). Books that I expected to be good, such as Marvel’s Elektra #2, IDW’s Transformers: Windblade #2, Dark Horse’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #3, and Image’s Velvet #4, managed to deliver on their promise quite well.

Anyway, here’s another edition of “Comics Picks For…”. Full reading list, as always, is available here and all my comics reviews are available here.

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Savage Wolverine #19 (Comics Review)

Just as much as DC Comics loves Batman, Marvel loves Wolverine. And that’s apparent given how many titles both publishers put out with respect to these two characters. Last year Marvel launched yet another Wolverine title as part of its Marvel Now initiative, Savage Wolverine and this was meant to show the rougher side of the character, something very… savage and bestial. I read the first two or three issues but they didn’t really click with me and I gave up in short order since I was generally disinterested in Marvel’s comics at the time, aside from a title like Thor: God of Thunder. And then came news that Gail Simone was going to write an issue this month.

Savage Wolverine #19 features the dynamic duo of Wolverine and Jubilee. Gail Simone, one of my favourite comics writers period, is the writing force behind this issue and she delivers a wonderful simple tale of of role reversals that delves into the relationship between these two, a relationship that has been rock-solid for several years. One of Brian Wood’s issues for X-Men last year featured the two as well and that was awesome in part because of this relationship. Gail gives her own spin, even as Neil Edwards’ art impresses.

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