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Best of 2014 Part 2b: Monthly Comics

A few days ago I did my best of 2014 list for the comics I read in the second half of 2014. And back in July of 2014, I did the first “best comics of 2014” post. The reason I mention that is because of the changes I’ve made for this list. While previously I used to do it so that I put up my top 6 comics, in July’14 I did a top 12 on account of the increased number of comics I was reading at the time. And that same holds true for this list as well since I’ve gone up on the number yet again, and this list has the top 20 and then 20 honourable mentions.

More comics, yay!

So, with the books of the second half of 2014 already having been covered, I now delve into my favourite monthly comics of the same period. The next post will be a list of the top graphic novels I read in all of 2014.

Let’s see what makes the cut and which comes close then!

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Sabrina #1 (Comics Review)

Sabrina the Teenage Witch has been a big part of the Archie-verse over the years, even going so far as to get its own live-action television series or an animated series or the vast number of prose novels or what have you. Last year, we got to see a very different version of Sabrina than we had ever seen before, in Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla’s Afterlife With Archie, which put the blame of the Zombiepocalypse on Sabrina, unfortunately enough. It was a really dark and gritty take on Sabrina, and I admit that I loved it, mostly because it was a big shock to my system, having grown up with the kid-friendly version of the character.

And now Roberto and Archie Comics have launched Sabrina, a new comics series featuring Sabrina that kind of takes place in an alternate universe to Afterlife With Archie, but is no less grimdark or full of horror and suspense. With Roberto’s excellent writing and Robert Hack’s creepy, surreal artwork combined, the first issue released this week is all kinds of awesome, taking us from just a few days after Sabrina’s birth to her life as it is in high school. Lots of fun twists and turns, with some great dialogue and art make this an issue worth reading.

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