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Guardians of the Galaxy: Fun and Mayhem

When Marvel Studios announced Guardians of the Galaxy for 2014, I really wasn’t sure what to think. The Guardians are not characters I was familiar with in any way at the time, hadn’t even heard the name before them, so I was wondering what the hell Marvel was doing by bringing out such an obscure roster of characters for a major blockbuster. And then last year I began reading Brian Michael Bendis’ Guardians of the Galaxy and you could say that I was hooked. Helped that the promos and teasers for the movie were really good and that the casting was interesting as well. Plus, space opera!

Having seen the movie finally this past weekend, my feelings are in bit of a flux. I loved a lot of the action and visually the movie is really stunning, plus Rocket and Groot and Ronan pretty much rocked the movie all the way through. But there were things like Peter Quill and Gamora and Nebula and some bits of the story that I really didn’t like. While Guardians does a fairly good job of bringing this team of mavericks to the big screen, it also represents a lot of squandered opportunities. The story and execution could definitely have been much better, but it is still a fairly decent movie and worth watching.

Note: Unlike the usual Marvel movies, this movie features characters unfamiliar to the larger audience, so I’ll be doing a few necessary info-dumps here.

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Trailer Thoughts: Guardians of the Galaxy

Yesterday, Marvel/Disney released a set of three photos from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy (check here), the first movie in the Marvel Cinematics Universe that will take place entirely in space and will feature the wider (science) fantastical world of Marvel comics. Its going to feature the team often dubbed as the Cosmic Avengers and has some interesting star power behind it in the form of Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana in two of the lead roles with WWE wrestler Dave Bautista in a third and the other two CGI-animated characters being voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.

We also got a 15-second teaser trailer at the same time, which was kind of nice, but far too brief. Personally, I don’t like teaser trailers. They are far too short to do anything really, even if I end up liking them. But then, but then just this morning, I saw a tweet by actress Karen Gillan in which she shared the FIRST FULL TRAILER of the movie! And I was hooked. Man, if the movie holds up to what this trailer is showing, this movie is going to be great.

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Best Debuts of 2012

This year has been an excellent year for debuts, whether it’s science fiction or fantasy or historical fiction or urban fantasy or noir or western or young adult or whatever. Some truly amazing authors have made themselves known, and many of these have gone on to impress with second novels also released this year. In this blog I take a look at the debut novels of the year that I just loved and would recommend far and wide to everybody.

I didn’t actually read that many debut novels this year (from 2012), so the list is going to be unfortunately small – only eight in total, which is why I’m going to do a straight list rather than a Top 6 and 6 Honourable Mentions as I had initially planned.

So let’s have at it, yeah?

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