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Getting Back On The Grind

Long-time readers of the blog know me as a prolific reader and reviewer, covering everything from novels to comics to audiobooks to television shows to movies and anime and what not. From 2011 to 2014 I was practically on an express train of consuming varied forms of and disseminating my thoughts on them. And then, all of a sudden the train went off-track and my interest in all of it just petered out. I wrote maybe one review a month, I read maybe one book a month. Same for comics. I was watching more and more television, especially once I got married and got my wife to share in my interests, but the fire of being a reviewer just left me. I had become jaded I suppose. Burnt-out even. Reading ten novels a month, approx 30-40 single-issue comics a week, writing approx 25 reviews a month. I suppose anyone could get burnt out with that kind of a performance. I was just… not into it.

And all of this is on top of doing a fair bit of writing fanfiction and working on various novel-length and novella/short-story projects. I even had a short story published as it turns out. And I submitted various pitches and samples for short stories in the meantime as well.

Somewhere along the way though, I just did not want to do any of it. Enough had been enough. In the intervening time, my most frequent posts have all been about Magic the Gathering, discussing the quarterly previews for upcoming sets or talking about decklists and events and what not. But even that has proven rather unsatisfactory, very much so. As much as I love Magic, even this felt too restrictive, too… work-like. And I just couldn’t handle it.

But something has changed this year. I am slowly getting back into my abandoned novel-length projects. Beginning last month, I am even fully back on the reading and reviewing train as well. As of writing this, I have read five full-length novels, fourteen shorter novels, and a whole bunch of short stories. Even right now, I’m in the middle of an 8-part short story series. And in April I read four full-length novels alongwith at least 13 graphic novels and a whole bunch of single-issue comics. I amaze even myself.

Of course, most of this reading has been from the publications of Black Library as I dip my toes back into the wonderful world of Warhammer 40,000 but all the same, it feels so utterly liberating. The reading catharsis has a hold of me again, you could say, and I love it. I’ve missed so much and it feels great to be back like this. I’d forgotten how utterly awesome it used to feel, and I feel rather grateful that I’m back like this. Not the least of which is that I’m back to regularly blogging/reviewing as well. That’s something I’d thought just a few short months ago that I wouldn’t be able to handle again, but here we are.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting back on the grind and I love this feeling.