Writing Projects

As I mentioned over here, my writing goals for 2012 are rather lofty, coming in at a grand total of 420,000 words at the moment. That includes prose writing for publication as well as fan-fics and reviews. Work on the yearly goal is progressing quite well at the moment, mostly because having that goal in the first place is a lot of motivation to get off the butt and do some some writing.

TIP: Having goals is immensely helpful.

So anyway, here’s what I am currently working on and what I have in the works for the rest of the year.

Project: In The Emperor We Trust for Black Library – a Space Marine novel featuring my own Angels of Retribution and Chaos Space Marines of a rather particular warband, both of them engaged in a bloody planetary assault. At the moment, I am just ~4,000 words short of my goal of ~20,000 words for the submission document.

Project: Starfighter for Wicked East Press – an original science fiction novella that is part of a novella collection I am working on with two of my friends, Andrew Aston and Robbie MacNiven. The title of the novella should be ample hint as to what the inspiration for it is and what it will be about! The majority of the plotting and a fair amount of the backstory for this has already been done and after a meeting next week, hopefully the actual writing shall begin!

Project: Generations for Stories In The Ether – an original fantasy short story that is a prequel to my NaNoWriMo original novel Raven and Blood and features my female protagonist, Knight-Marshal Cistara Celaenos. Writing this one on the go, just like I did for the novel itself. I do have a clear idea of what I want to do however so this one shouldn’t be too bad really. Till now, I’ve written ~1200 words for this one so far, out a planned ~10,000 so will see how it goes.

Project: Sons of Corax (Chapter 12) for the Bolthole – getting back into the fan-fic groove is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. Struggled to write just ~1,000 words the other day and that was quite depressing. But I do have high hopes for this one because this is a rather pivotal chapter in the entire fan-fic so far. Stay tuned for more on this one.

Project: Mission to Dalastia for Stories In The Ether- an original science-fiction short story that is based on a game design document I wrote back in college for a games design course. The idea has been simmering for about four years now and I think I have the right impetus to launch into this one. Looking forward to tackling this later in the year.

Project: Salamanders Successors for Black Library – I have an idea about a short story revolving around a successor chapter of the Salamanders that I am currently exploring. Have some backstory written for these guys and depending on what I really go with, this might even develop into a novel submission possibly. Will see.

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