NaNoWriMo Returns – Week 2 Update

Following on from my Week 1 Update, Week 2 was both better and worse for Project Cloak of Secrecy. The trip to India proved to be as bad as I had thought it would be, since I had two really terrible days of writing that set me back considerably. I managed to really in the second half of the week, but that required a near superhuman effort on my part, not to mention that I even ended up breaking a writing record, one that I’m really proud of in retrospect.

The goal for Week 2 was to do 14,000 words and finish chapters two and three as well. This of course depended on me being able to crank out 2,000 words a day and sticking to my outline for the project. In retrospect, for like the billionth time, sticking to an outline is never something I have been able to do and this week was proof of that.

This is how my spreadsheet looks like at the moment:

You can see from the tracker that Days 11 and 12 were really terrible, especially after the 2,000+ word sprees of the preceding three days. Barely 1,200 words in two days? That’s a new low for me, a situation that definitely did not happen to me with last year’s NaNoWriMo. But you can see from Days 13 and 14 that I managed to rally supremely and that I just barely managed to hit my target by week’s end.

So what happened in week 2?

Days 8-10 were as normal really. I sat down each night aiming to do 2,000 words at least and I finished higher on all three. As with the preceding 5 days, I didn’t stop at just hitting the 2,000 word mark, but whenever the current scene came to a comfortable “break” that I could continue with for the next day. I knocked out the rather emotionally-charged chapter 2 in the first 2 nights and by the third I was well into chapter 3, getting back into the action side of things once more.

Day 11 was when I went to India, arriving in the later afternoon. Now, this was the day before the (actual) festivities kicked off so the evening was entirely spent in the markets, getting all the home decorations specific to Diwali, such as new statues for the gods, the lights for the shrines, earthen oil lamps, etc as tradition dictates. We got back home rather late and I was totally wiped when I sat down to write, which was somewhere around midnight local time. I pushed through those 216 words but I might as well not have written them. The sleep and tiredness that was coming over me made even thinking about the story next to impossible, and I just went to bed instead.

Next day, it was the first day of Diwali and after the evening rituals for the day were done, we all spent a few years with the grand old tradition of FIREWORKS! It was a lot of fun for sure, but by the end of it all, I was almost just as tired as I had been the day before. I managed to push through those ~1,000 words but once again, I was falling behind dangerously on the week’s goals. My projected word count had also fallen drastically, a potential 9,000 words vanishing into thin air just like that!

Going into Day 13, I was feeling rather depressed with my lack of progress and I wowed to myself that I would do everything I could to bring up that word-count. And I did. Being an incredibly slow work day, I knocked out ~1,500 words in the morning in about 2 hours and congratulated myself on making up my target short-fall from the previous day. At this point I needed just another ~800 words to hit the 5-day 10,000 word mark. When I sat down to write later that night, I was feeling pretty confident, unlike that morning. I told myself that I wouldn’t stop until I did 2,500 words by the time I was ready to go to bed. It was really tough going at first, but the word started to flow after I got through the 1,000 word mark. I ended the day at a grand total of 4,059 words as you can see. I was now only about 250 words short of the 6-day target, which was not so bad really.

And then Day 14 dawned, proving to be another good day for writing. Another personal best of sorts, me ending up with quite a decent ~2,500 words for the night. Chapter 3 was now proving to be just as much of a monster chapter as the first had been one, which is not necessarily a bad thing, other than my concern that my Norse-mythology science fantasy was now going too far down the Holmes-ian detective story path and losing touch with its science fiction roots. I had managed to do incorporate some subtle hints of the fantasy side of things, with the Gods and Avatars concept, but that was fairly minute till that point. A science fiction setting isn’t just lasers and grav-cars you know!

When I tallied up everything (the tracker doing it all automatically day by day really), I had managed to hit the week’s word-count target despite the slump in the middle of the week. The difference was only 266 words but these words are proving to be crucial for me in week 3 as things stand currently.

If you look at the tracker, you’ll see that I’ve made a few target changes to it, adding in columns for 60,000 words and 75,000 words. There is still an outside slim chance that I can hit 60,000 by the end of the month, which would be fantastic really, all things considered. I need to hit ~2,150 words each day for the rest of the month if I want to get to that milestone, and I don’t think that’s too much of a tough job, especially if I can maintain the momentum from the end of the second week.

Yeah, Day 15 has a big fat zero on it, which was me coming back from the trip and again being too wiped but since I know now that I can hit well above 2,000 words each night, I’m not so worried about it. Chapter 3 is still NOT done but that’s fine. I’m really enjoying this project, which is ultimately what matters!

Reading has definitely taken a huge hit and it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get back on track. Not worried about that either. This month, writing is definitely my priority.

Target: 14,000 words || 2,000 words daily || complete chapter 3 and start 4 and maybe even complete it!

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