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NANP: I Love Names

Another Thursday, another Names: A New Perspective guest post! This time, it is Bradley P. Beaulieu, author of the Lays of Anuskaya series, which is published by Nightshade Books. He also runs the Speculate SF site, which is one of the best genre scenes on the internet, and is also an excellent resource for authors. I haven’t had a chance to read his books as yet, but I’m quite looking forward to them, and they are high on Mountain Tobereadpile. That’s in no small part due to the absolutely gorgeous covers for his novels. Here’s what he had to say on the subject of names and their significance.

Another Milestone, Holy Crap!

So yeah, this was a bit lowkey all of yesterday and today, but I just realised how much of a big deal this really is for me: my first ever interview is live at “A Fantastical Librarian”, run by my friend Mieneke van der Salm, one of the most voracious readers and on-point bloggers I know. I mean, seriously, I never thought that anybody would ever want to interview ME! Know what I mean? It’s a bit surreal at the moment. Hope you all enjoy the interview, where I talk about my inspiration behind blogging, my thoughts on negative reviews and the developing SFF scene in the Middle East.

Thanks once again to Mieneke for hosting me for her Blogger Query series, which has been a blast to read all through recent months. She also hosted a guest review by me today, Dreddline by James Swallow, which is a Judge Dredd audio drama from Big Finish.

*Rocking it out*

November Report

November ended a few days ago, and so far this year, it was my busiest month ever, in terms of writing; busiest by far, as you’ll see after the break.

Anyways, to do a small recap of my goals for the year,

  1. Write ~420,000 words of both fiction (various submissions and novel projects) and non-fiction (reviews and blogposts).
  2. Read 400 novels, comics, novellas, stand-alone short stories (still not sure if these SHOULD be included) and listen to some audio dramas and audiobooks.

At the end of October, I was very close to both of those goals, having crossed the ~377,100-word mark, and was still ahead on the reading goals, as I was at 304/400 on September 30th. You can find the October report here.

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