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For the last couple of months I’ve been considering doing a semi-regular column on the publishing industry. Specifically, I’ve been considering the aspect of marketing and getting published. The basis for both is, of course, personal experience in the case of the former and my observations over the last 18 months for the latter.

Here are some thoughts I’ve had about this.

With the boom of digital publishing and eReaders in recent years, marketing is all the more important for authors. Increasingly, even traditionally published authors of long standing and experience in the industry are taking to social media to promote their work. Publishers are seeing lower revenues on a general basis and so they are more often than not focusing on their big ticket titles.

The two things are working hand in hand with each other to change how the publishing industry works, for good or worse.

There’s also the fact that all publishers, major or minor, have different approach to marketing their products, and how seriously they take book bloggers. As a blogger myself, it always annoys me when I hear of or directly experience a situation where a publisher treats book bloggers unfairly, or when a publisher acts heavy-handedly and takes drastic steps.

This has been something that has been brewing in my mind for a while now, especially since my rather unfortunate experience with one publisher in particular last month. In light of that incident, the whole issue is at the forefront for me, and I’ve been trying to find a non-rant way of putting forth my thoughts on it. So far, I’ve had little success. The incident also angers me in that my integrity as a reviewer was brought into question, and my relationship with the publisher, extending all the way back to September 2011, was completely nullified on the basis of three simple Twitter comment-shares/retweets.

And so, what I’m wondering is, what kind of interest would there be for such a column. What do people think about this? What kind of topics would you like to see covered?

Thoughts and suggestions are most welcome!

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  1. Your title says it all. Publishing & Marketing go hand in hand. Thanks for your informative post.


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